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Is Sensitivity heightened on your Dominant side?

No description

Westin Namanny

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Is Sensitivity heightened on your Dominant side?

My results concluded that my hypothesis was correct. When testing in freezing cold water the subject took their least dominant hand out first. This was the same for both left handed and right handed people.

Fill a bowl with water and ice.
Ask subject to place both hands in the bowl. Instruct subject to keep hands in the bowl as long as possible. Tell subject to remove one or both hands when the discomfort becomes too much to bear. Both hands do not have to be removed at the same time.
Start my stopwatch.
Record how long subject is able to keep each hand in the bowl of water.
Record whether subject is right-handed or left-handed.
Repeat steps 2-5 for many different right-handed and left-handed subjects.
Analyze results.

Left-handed and right-handed subjects
A bowl that is big enough to fully submerge both hands
Ice water
Notebook for recording results

By: Westin Namanny
We all have or stronger hand, but is that same hand the most or least sensitive? This is is exactly what I am trying to find out. Everyone has nerves in there body and I am using these nerves to test sensitivity in the hands. What I'm figuring out is that how long can the subjects hand be held in the water before the subject s intolerant of the cold.
If I test multiple left handed and right handed people by making them keep their hands in ice water and seeing which hand they pull out first, then I believe that the subjects will pull out their non-dominant hand first over their dominant hand.
Is Sensitivity Heightened on Your Dominant Side?
This is Kaydin putting his hands in a bowl of ice cold water

This is Marco putting his hands in a bowl of ice water.
This is Ty putting his hands in a bowl of ice water.
This is Jillian putting her hands in a bowl of ice cold water.
In conclusion, my hypothesis was correct and that the dominant hand had more tolerance to the cold of the ice water. The subjects had either pulled out their left or right hand first before pulling out the other dominant hand. This shows that your dominant hand will show more tolerance towards lower temperatures for a longer amount of time then your least dominant hand.

Next time
Next time I would really like to test a larger variety of subjects both left handed and right handed and have more of a control of age so that the age difference is not very large. Also I would like to possibly test girls versus boys and how the tolerance of temperatures on the hands might contribute to gender.

If I have a number of right and left handed people then I believe that the subject will pull out their least dominant hand before their dominant hand.
The ruling, governing, or controlling of a side having or exerting authority or influence.

Vocabulary Terms
This graph shows the domant hand being being pulled out before the non-dominant hand
This graph shows the longest time of the right/left hand being held in water and being pulled out before the other dominant hand.
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