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Training Overview

No description

Sue Brown

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Training Overview

Title VII Compliance Training
Supervisor Orientation
New Employee Orientation
Overview of Currently Posted Training Opportunities for CLV Employees
Safety Training
CLV Training Overview
HR Training in Core Services - Available upon dept request
Training Catalog
"This training catalog references all training at CLV, and provides course overviews as well. Much of the listed training is either duplicated elsewhere or no longer being offered"
CSN Training Contract
Contract provides for:
New Employee Orientation

Supervisor Orientation / Training Program

Title VII Compliance Training Program

Safety Training Program

HR Services Training - available upon request
Org Charts; Vision, Mission, Values
Safety/Security Video
Security/Emergency Services
Accessing Oracle (timecards & training)
Skillsoft Training
Club Ride
College of Southern Nevada
Office of Communications
Information Technologies Security
Wellness Program
PERS Overview

Topics Covered
Benefits Orientation
One-on-one enrollment follow up appointment

Itemized Benefit education (2015 Benefits Guide)
We Comply (online)
Hazardous materials
Avoiding retaliation
Workplace violence
Discrimination / harassment
Annual compliance certification
Drug-free workplace
Fisher & Philips Executive Compliance (in person)
Annual in-service training for seasonal/Safekey
Personalized training as needed
Four-Hour Training Course
Just cause
Progressive Discipline
Title VII for supervisors
Leave management
Performance evaluation mgmt.
Intro to class/comp
Employment Svcs
Position Control
PARs; employment actions

NEOGOV - online hiring process

Career Development (CD) Catalog
CD 101 Navigating the Recruitment Process
CD 102 How to Write a Winning Resume
CD 103 Interviewing Skills

Supervisory Development College
Demystifying your CBA
Employment Law
Engaging and Inspiring Others
Managing Customer Service
Performance Management
Personal & Organizational Accountability
Reasonable Suspicion
Supervisory Basics
Understanding Finance & Purchasing
Conflict Management
Critical Thinking in Decision Making
Emotional Intelligence
Time Management for Supervisors
Writing and Presentation Skills
129 classes in the following categories:

Business Skills
Career Planning
Common Practice Communities and Roundtables
Computer Classes
Core Requirements
Customer Service
Language Arts
Lunch & Learn
Personal Development
Supervisory Development College
Biggest Loser
Safety Fair
Class & Comp
Market studies

Reclassifications / Job evaluations

Contract education sessions

Performance evaluation training

Wellness engagement sessions

Benefit education sessions

Fitness for Duty
Employee accommodation (ADA)

Leave management

Return to work program

Labor Relations
IT Training Page
Intro to Public Surplus
Intro to Oracle iProcurement
Intro to MS Outlook
Intro to MS PowerPoint
Additional classes on Word, Excel, SharePoint, Visio

Development of CLV Training Programs

Training for CLV employees - Exclusive

Training for CLV employees - Integrated

Consulting Services for Economic Development

Services (Focus Groups) for Downtown Community Development
Mandatory for all new hires
Mandatory for all supervisors and above
Annual mandatory training for all employees
Mandatory based on employee assignment
Defensive Driving
Bloodborne Pathogens
Confined Space
Hearing conservation
Ladders and stairways
Lockout / tagout
Personal Protective Equipment
Powered industrial trucks
Respiratory Protection
OSHA 10 and 30 Training
Instructor led classroom training available to all employees.
Desktop Courseware offers:
Desktop computer skills
>600 courses
Element K Desktop
>125 courses
Business Courseware offers:
Business Strategy & Operations
>190 courses
Finance, HR & Admin
>125 courses
Management & Leadership
>175 courses
Personal Effectiveness
>275 courses
Project Effectiveness
>175 courses
Sales & Customer Facing
>150 courses
Element K Business
>150 courses

Online, self-paced learning available to all employees. May be accessed from work or home.

Certificates of completion are uploaded into Oracle on a semi-annual basis
Current CSN curriculum available to CLV employees
Effective or Business Writing
Working with Difficult Customers
Time Management
Managing Multiple Projects
Public Speaking
Practical Problem Solving
How to Manage Conflict
Change Management
Basic Negotiation Skills
Emotional Intelligence Basics
Customer Service Essentials
This college certificate program was developed and presented by Human Resources when the OD & Training function was under HR. The Supervisory Development College has not been offered for over six years.
Training Calendar
Inside Out Coaching
True Colors
Managers Workshop
Employee Preparedness
City Connect
Skill Key online training
Similar to Skillsoft Business Courseware module offered by IT

Sample Training Page
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