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auditory learners for dummies

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rohma may

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of auditory learners for dummies

Auditory Learning For Dummies

chapter 1...What Is An Auditory Learner
chapter 2...picture relation
This picture relates to the auditory learners by showing us how someone may become an auditory learner from there childhood by understanding something by words spoken to you rather read it.
chapter 5...what type of test and test-taking strategies should you use
Many auditory learners have trouble studying for a test. This is because they really don't understand how to study for test with their learning style. The test that most auditory learners do well in are oral exams or long answers to lecture questions. some tips for learning strategies are:
Read the problem out loud
Before the test have a 20 question quiz with partner
try to manage your time; know which questions to tackle first this is because these learners do not prefer timed tests
re-word the question into your own words or ask help from teacher to re-state the question in other words
Chapter 6... careers that may be chosen by this learning stye
''How much a given student learns in a class is governed in part
by that student’s native ability and prior preparation but also by
the compatibility of his or her learning style and the instructors"
there are many similarities and differences between all the learning style no matter if your visual, tactile or auditory.
when your and auditory learner there are many different things you learn some are the way you study, learn and your test strategies this book talks all about an auditory learner and how the learn through school.
BY: Rohma Mazhar
Teacher: Ms.Gardizelewski
Course: GLE20-01

an auditory learner is someone who learns best by listening and talking
they learn best by their sense of hearing.
they learn information like reading and other subjects by listening to someone talk about the information verbally and by being allowed to discuss the topic and ask questions
They're many different way that an auditory learner can learn best. Some ways are similar to how they study. when an auditory person needs to learn some information they do the following:
Learn best when information is given to you orally
Learn best when participating in study groups which you can talk things out
other ways that an auditory learner learns best when they sit in places closer to the teacher where they can here the information like in the front of the classroom
learn best when intrusions from a manual or a textbook are spoken to you orally
there are many other ways this learner can learn best but these are a few that can be used in class
Charter 3....... How you Learn the Best Way
Chapter 4
...how to study best

an auditory learner and a visual have many things in common like some ways that they study for example; study with eyes closed but an auditory learner reads information out loud. some other example that can be used as a study tip for and auditory learner is:
study best when repeat information, facts, diagrams etc out loud
create musical rhythm of your study notes
look for books on tapes or any other audio material to help you understand the subject
work places with free/no auditory distraction
read your work out loud when proofreading
There are many different types of careers that this learning style can do some learning styles are:
sales person
or any person that may work in public
chapter 7...careers that an auditory learner should never pick
there are many choices to pick from but some choices that you should never pick if you are this learner are:
table of content

chapter 1...........what is an auditory learner
chapter 2.........picture relation

chapter 3.........how you learn the best way
chapter 4.........how to study best
chapter 5......... what type of test and test-strategies should you use
chapter 6........careers that may be learned by this learning style
chapter 7....... careers that an auditory learner should never pick
chapter 8 and 9.....hand out (careers picked to talk about)
chapter 10.........summary
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