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Surrounded By Sharks

No description

Lindsay Cassidy

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Surrounded By Sharks

The novel
Surrounded By Sharks
explored the theme that if you are stuck in a rip tide do not try to swim against it. Try to escape it by swimming out the sides instead of trying to swim through it. A Rip Current is a strong channel of water that goes from the coast put to the middle of the ocean.
The main conflict in
Surrounded By Sharks
is when Davey gets stuck in the middle of the ocean. He is stuck in the middle of the ocean but it gets worse because he comes upon some sharks. At one point in the book he thinks he sees an island so he gets excited but it was just a bottle and that is when he realized he was in the middle of no where. There is also a lot of conflict once Davey is found and he sees his family again. This book is man-vs.-nature. I know this is man-vs.-nature because he gets stuck in the ocean from a rip current then he is in the ocean with sharks everywhere.
Monday, February 12, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311

Michael Northrop was born in Salisbury, Connecticut. He wrote the book ‘Plunged in middle grades and was called one of the best children books of the year. Michael was inspired to write the book “Surrounded by Sharks” because he was always fascinated about sharks and he wanted to write a book about how sharks aren’t monsters they are just powerful animals. He has been in Publishers Weekly Flying Start citation. One of the Bank Street College of Education’s Best Book of the Year. He moved to New York to attend NYU. Worked at The World Almanac and Sports Illustrated Kids. Writing has appeared in Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated Kids, People Online, The Morning News, Notre Dame Review, McSweeney’s, Weird Tales, and many other places.
The main character in
Surrounded By Sharks
is a boy named Davey. Davey really likes to be alone and away from everyone else like a normal teenage boy. The thing he likes to do most is go in his room alone and sit down with a really good book to read. Three words to explain Davey is Anxious, hopeless, and fearful. Davey is anxious to go out and have fun at the beginning of the book but he is also anxious for someone to save him when he is in the ocean. He is hopeless that there is no way to get onto land. He begins to feel hopeless after he sees the island was just a water bottle. Davey is also fearful that he will never see his family or land again. He begins to feel this way after he sees/feels the sharks.
Surrounded By Sharks
Lindsay Cassidy
ELAR: 3-4
Authors Corner
It can be only a slight current or very very strong and is responsible for most rescues by lifeguards. I know this is the theme ,because Davey goes to take a swim in the ocean and gets stuck in a rip current but he tries to fight instead of swimming out the sides. He can not beat it and finds himself stuck in the middle of the ocean ,and that is how all the problems start.
Critic's Corner
I like the book
Surrounded By Sharks
because it teaches the good things of family and that you should never just wonder off without people knowing where you are going. I also really like the book because it has a lot of conflict. It kept my attention for the most part. Sometimes it was an uneventful part so it didn't at that part. It really kept my attention during the plot. I really like the ending. It is really good that he ends of being ok! It is also really cute how happy they are to see each other ok again.
His forehead was still slick with water, but he felt the sweat break out along it in little pinricks. He decided to swim for it. He lunged forward and began kicking before his face even hit the water. Once it did, he began throwing his arms forward. His lungs began to burn.
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