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Paris and the Golden Apple

No description

Gaby Leung

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Paris and the Golden Apple

Paris and the Golden Apple By : Eth Clifford Introduction The queen of Troy, Hecuba,
dreams of the destruction of Troy.
Which will be caused by her baby,
Paris Paris was given to a shepherd to be left at the mountain side to die. Unexpectedly, the shepherd kept the baby and raised Paris as his own son. Paris grew to be a handsome man and married Oenone, the beautiful daughter of a river god. Rising Action One day, three goddesses descended from heaven and approached Paris. They presented to him a golden apple and told Paris to give it to the fairest goddess. Athena offered:
-knowledge Hera Offered:
-power Aphrodite Offered:
-The most beautiful woman in the world Paris foolishly chose Aphrodite Paris meets Helen In Sparta,
although she has rejected many proposals before, she eloped with Paris. But Helen was already married to the King of Sparta. When the King found out that Helen has eloped with Paris, he was furious. The King called for his allies, the Greek, to help him, and King Achilles was glad to lend a hand. When the king of Troy found out that his son was still alive, he offered protection for Paris and Helen from her previous husband. A long war started between the Trojans and the Greek, but after a long time, the Greeks decided that simply by attacking it through strength was impossible. Athena; who was still furious at Paris, told Odysseus (the general of the Greek army) that this war had to be won by trickery. The Greek built a huge wooden horse and had soldiers hide in it, the rest of their fleets sailed away and left the horse behind. The Trojans took it inside, and when everyone fell asleep, they came out and opened the city wall. Their fleets sailed back and attacked Troy. The Greeks suddenly attacked and the Trojans were not prepared. As a result, they faced terrible losses. During the fight, Paris was mortally injured, and only Oenone could heal him. He called for Oenone But she refused to heal him, because he left her, despite her warning that one day he would beg for her help, and she wouldn't help him. The End And so the prophecy came true, Paris has brought adversity to the country, by destroying it completely. Symbolism The golden apple symbolizes important decision makings in life. Foreshadowing There are three foreshadows in this short story:
When the queen of Troy dreamed that Paris will bring adversity the country.
When Paris chose Aphrodite, Hera and Athena said that Paris had made them his enemies. This foretells that the other goddesses will take a revenge on him.
Oenone foretold that one day Paris would beg for her help, but she would not help him. Point of view This short story is looked from Paris' perspective, but it is spoken in third person. Morale Theme Making choices you shouldn't. This story told us not to make a decision without thinking carefully and we should not have an affair with a married woman. Made By: Gaby Melanie & Danielle DO YOU HAVE THE BOOK? I NEED YOU TO FILL IN THE NAMES OF THE CHARACTERS &
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