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Weather Trafficking Systems

No description

Max Lien

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Weather Trafficking Systems

LOCATION WEATHER Where am I? How long until I get there? TECHNOLOGY Value Added Is there bad weather ahead? How fast should I be going? Optimal speed for safety? BUSINESS IMPACT REVOLUTION 2D 3D Latitude Longitude Elevation ANSWERS 4+ Satellites Doppler Radar Sync the radar of the storm with the satellite position of the car route change speed reduction GPS Partners Detect Local Speed Limits Recommend incremental decreases in speed based on weather severity Car computer allows for speeding up in certain conditions ROAD EYE Detect water, ice, and snow 2 Wavelengths of Infrared Light illuminates 30 meters ahead and light sensitive diode to measure the amount of light reflected back Security Luxury Safety Boosts in Revenue Demographics typical consumer companies relying on mass transportation of goods Tourist agencies BUSINESSWEEK essential for those that travel in cars for a long time and are sensitive to weather change Trucks and cars still remain blind to weather condtions Senior Citizens First-time teen drivers COMPETITION outcompete in safety ratings Added sense of luxury revamping the brand Market Share 66% by 2013 shipments increase 22% by 2013 From 3 to 8 Billion $ Industry in 2012 COST WELCOME FORD MOTORS MANAGEMENT
Weather Trafficking Systems POISE CONSULTING GROUP
Professionals of Information Systems and Enterprise Max Lien, Camila Cabrer, Stephen Costanza, and Siwoo Noh 39 million units in 2009-49,774,981units in 2015. Assuming 5% increase per year. Total 28% Increase
Revenues will jump 28% in 5 years assuming selling price per unit is constant at 250. Manufacturing costs will also increase by 28% due to volume assuming MC/Unit=75 Projected Profit to increase by $1,885,621,664 in 2015
Revamping American Auto Industry INVESTMENT Thank You kogod
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