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The Odyssey ♥ By Homer. Prezi by Tejah. ☺

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Tejah Wilson

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of The Odyssey ♥ By Homer. Prezi by Tejah. ☺

By Homer
Prezi by Tejah (:
The Odyssey
The Cyclops' Cave
Odysseus got a group together and goes on an adventure to find what the noises he heard were acrossed the sea. When they arrived they saw goats and sheeps outside of a dark cave. They then realized no ordinary human lived there.
Polyphemus Returns
While on the Island, Apollo, the guardian god, offered Odysseus gifts: Gold, silver, wine, and more. Traveling inside of it's cave they found the 'monster' absent. Once the 'monster' did appear he showed no joy to anyone. They were all terrified as he spoke,"Strangers, who are you? Where do you sail from over sea-roads? Are you on business, or do you roam at random like pirates who chance their lives to bring evil to others?"
This is Odysseus and his men traveling across the sea .
Odysseus answered the cyclops's questions in terror. The cyclops didn't care for the answer and tore two of the crew members limb from limb then ate them for dinner. Odysseus and the others hopeless and mortified, waited for sunrise.
Offering the Cyclops Wine
Dawn appeared and the Cyclops then ate two more of Odysseus's men. Seeking vengeance on the Cyclops, Odysseus ordered his men to smooth a six-foot length piece of wood. While they smoothed he sharpened the end to a point and hardened the point in the fire. After they were done he hid the weapon. When the Cyclops returned he helped himself to two more men, and then Odysseus approached him with wine. Stating the fact that he was bringing the Cyclops a drink as a gift, hoping the Cyclops would return a gift. The Cyclops then agreed to return a gift.
Blinding The Cyclops
The Cyclops asked what Odysseus's name was, Odysseus replied with, "Cyclops, you asked my name, and I will tell it: give me afterward a guest gift as you promised. My name is Nobody. Nobody, my father, mother, and friends call me." Cyclops was unhappy with his answer and said he would eat "Nobody" last as the gift. The Cyclops then fell to sleep, puking wine and human flesh. Odysseus encouraged his members to stick the stake in his eye with him. Glowing hot, they thrusted it into his eye. Awoken with terror and pain he called the other Cyclops's they replied, "Polyphemus, what terrible pain is this that makes you call through deathless night, and wake us? Is a mortal stealing your flocks, or trying to kill you by violence or treachery?" "Nobody, my friends, is trying to kill me by violence or treachery." He said.
Odysseus considered the best way of escaping and saving himself, and his men. He dreamed up all sorts of schemes as anyone would in a life or death matter. His plan: tie together three rams while Polyphemus slept. There would be a man to every three sheep. As morning rose the Cyclops felt the backs of the sheep but foolishly failed to see the men. Odysseus and his men successfully escaped and before they got out of earshot, Odysseus shouted to the cyclops mocking him, "It seems he was not such a weakling, then, Cyclops, that man whose friends you meant to tear apart and eat in your echoing cave. Stubborn brute not shrinking from murdering your guests in your own house, your evil deeds were bound for sure to fall on your own head. Zeus and the other gods have had their revenge on you."
The End (;
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