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Alexa J

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of Divergent

Divergent takes place in a dystopian fictional world. Five factions have become the society for all to follow. Anyone who doesn't fit into one of these factions becomes factionless, which means they do not have a purpose in life. This is something all people fear. Beatrice Prior is in the Abnegation faction with her family, but she is 16 years old which means she will have to take the aptitude test that will tell her if she should continue on living her life or take a risk and become a transfer and join another faction. Beatrice is afraid that she will have to abandon her family and travel down a new path alone. It is just after lunch and the tests begin. Without warning it is Beatrice's turn. She slowly walks to the test room and her hands ferociously tremble with worry and fear. A Dauntless woman who goes by the name of Tori is the test administrator. Beatrice sits in the metal chair and enters her hallucination. At the end of the test, results are given out to see what faction the teenagers should join the next day at the Choosing Ceremony. Unfortunately for Beatrice her results are inconclusive, that means that Beatrice is something that they call Divergent. Being Divergent is extremely dangerous and often doesn't have a good outcome. Beatrice is told to never, ever tell anyone her test results.

The next day at the Choosing Ceremony, Beatrice chooses Dauntless as her new faction after many back and forth thoughts between Abnegation, where she has lived her whole life, and Dauntless, where she can build a new life and reputation. During the Dauntless initiation that Beatrice has to go through in order to become a member, she encounters dangers in which she has never even thought of doing before such as jumping off a seven story building and having to stand completely still while her instructor throws knives at her head in order to save a friend. Along the way Beatrice changes her name to Tris and meets many new friends whose names are Christina, Will, Al, (all whom transferred from other factions like her) and later on she befriends a Dauntless born initiate that goes by Uriah. Tris also has an enemy, Peter. He causes her to almost die and he constantly makes fun of her.

Eventually Tris starts to have some romantic feelings for her instructor, Four. She learns a lot about him and her cares a lot about her. Through this relationship Tris discovers that Four used to be Abnegation, has only four fears, that his real name is Tobias, he is also Divergent, and that he loves her. Together they find away to stop the Erudite from taking over society, by injecting people with special transmitter serums, while having to face the deaths of many loved ones.

The ending of this book is not very happy, but I have yet to read the other two books that follow it.
Relating Songs
Text-to-Text: Many books, including Divergent, take place in a dystopian society such as the Hunger Games.
Main Characters
Problems that Tris has to Face
Family Trees
Main Events
Movie Trailer
By: Alexa Jacobs
Grade 7 Term 3 Book Project
Supporting Characters
Beatrice "Tris" Prior- Beatrice is the main character in Divergent. She has to face many struggles, emotionally and physically, throughout her journey.
Tobias "Four" Eaton- Four is one of the initiates instructors, he and Tris eventually start to develop a romance.
Christina- Christina is the first girl Tris meets after she chooses Dauntless as her faction, and they instantly become best friends.
Jeanine Matthews- Jeanine is the antagonist of the story.
Peter Hayes- Tris's arch nemesis, he constantly criticizes her, hurts her, and embarrasses her.
Caleb Prior- Tris's brother who switches to Erudite at the Choosing Ceremony.
Natalie Prior- Tris's mother who reveals her identity when she says that she used to be Dauntless before she transferred to Abnegation.
Andrew Prior- Tris's father and a government council member.
Molly- One of Peter's followers. Molly is also a Dauntless initiate.
Drew- The other follower that Peter has, Drew is also a initiate.
Marcus Eaton- The head of government. He also turns out to be Four's father.
Tori- The woman who gives Tris her aptitude test, she also works at the tattoo place in Dauntless headquarters.
Uriah- A dauntless-born initiate who ends up befriending Tris.
Eric- Tris's head instructor at the Dauntless headquarters.
Will- Another one of Tris's close friends at Dauntless.
Albert "Al"- Al becomes Tris's friend later on, but her tries to kidnap her and kill her out of jealously and knowing that he would become factionless. When Tris doesn't forgive him, Al commits suicide.
The Factions
Erudite: the intelligent, those who have great knowledge
Candor: the honest, people who only speak the truth
Dauntless: the brave, those who value courage and frown upon cowardice
Amity: the peaceful, those who are always happy, optimistic, and joyful
Abnegation: the selfless, those who help others and think nothing of themselves
Tris's Raven Tattoo
Tris says it represents her family, the three ravens, and the three people she left behind to join the Dauntless. The ravens are angled toward her heart which is where her family will always lie.
For the two main characters: Tris and Four
Starts With One by Shiny Toy Guns
Again by Flyleaf
3. Help I'm Alive by Metric
Canvas by Imogen Heap
5. Wake Me Up by Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc
1. Aptitude Test
2. Choosing Ceremony
3. Meeting Christina
4. Going through the physical part of Dauntless initiation
5. The emotional part of initiation
6. Four finding out that Tris is Divergent
7. Al, Drew, and Peter try to kidnap Tris, Tris doesn't forgive Al
8. Al commits suicide
9. Four and Tris kiss.
10. Tris visits her brother Caleb, at the Erudite compound and tells him to search up the simulation serum
11. The Final Exam ( fear landscape) which is the mental part of initiation.
12. Tris is an official member of Dauntless
13. The simulation serum is put into everyone's necks so that the Dauntless soldiers kill all the people of Abnegation, which allows Erudite to take over government
14. Tris and Four are not affected since they are Divergent so they try and escape, they get caught
15. Four is taken to be a test subject of a anti-Divergent serum
16. Tris's mother saves her from drowning in a box filled with water where she was held captive by the Erudite, and her mother confesses that she was Dauntless
17. Natalie Prior dies.
18. Tris, Caleb, their dad, and Marcus go to stop the simulation at Dauntless headquarters
19. Andrew Prior dies
20. Tris finds Four "Tobias" and pulls him out of the trance he was in because of the serum
21. Together they shut down the simulation
22. Tris, Tobias, Marcus, Caleb, and Peter ride the train to Amity farms where they hope to stay for a bit because Dauntless and Abnegation are destroyed factions

The 22 main events in the book Divergent are:
Text-to-Text: The way the society in Divergent works is very similar to the Caste System in the Selection Series.
Text-to-World: War. In the middle of Divergent you figure out that Erudite is planning to wage war on Abnegation to get more say in government. That is one of the reasons that wars occur around our world.
Text-to-Self: I am not very similar to Tris and neither is anyone in my family, but I guess i share her fear of losing control.
One of the problems that Tris faces all the time is wondering if she actually belongs with the Dauntless because a little to often her Abnegation side shows.
Another issue is that Tris has a hard time controlling her Divergence. She always is wondering if she should reveal it to someone or if they already know.
After Al, Peter, and Drew kidnapped Tris and tried to throw her into the rushing river located in the Dauntless headquarters, Tris said that she would never forgive Al because he betrayed her. When Al commits suicide, Tris can't help but wonder if it was because of her comment.
Tris also has to face Peter who is her nemesis and his two sidekicks Molly and Drew.
ERIC-" You chose us, now we get to chose you."
CALEB-" The things I know how to do might surprise you."
FOUR-" I recommend that you pay attention. Those who don't learn fast will get hurt."
PETER-" Remember what a knife is, Stiff?"
TRIS-" Insane, no. Dauntless, yes."
NATALIE PRIOR-" Tensions between our factions are higher than ever."
MARCUS-" We are only safe here for so long."
AL-" There are better ways too."
CHRISTINA-" I make no promises."
MOLLY-" She's practically a child."
WILL-" Have you ever read the faction manifestos?"
URIAH-" Give her a break, okay?"
Song Explanations
4. Canvas by Imogen Heap: To me, if the part where Tris goes through her training is put to soundtrack that would be the perfect song. Even though it is slow it has words in it that really reminds you of fighting and training. That is my opinion, though.
3. Help I'm Alive by Metric: This song reminds me of when Tris is going into her aptitude test and it is perfect for when she is about to choose her future faction. It could also be a good song for how Tris feels when she thinks they suspect something about her Divergence.
5. Wake Me Up by Avicii and Aloe Blacc: I think that this song could represent Tris on the train for the first time or when she is on the zipline. It could be a good, energizing song for whenever she is doing new and exciting, yet dangerous.
1. Starts With One by Shiny Toy Guns: I think that this song could show how happy Tris is that she has her new faction, which means it could also be played when she actually becomes a member of Dauntless.
2. Again by Flyleaf: I think that this song can relate to how Tris and especially all the other initiates feel after the emotional tests and the mental tests. After the final exam would be good as well.
Stiff- the slang word for Abnegation.
Divergent- having differences, moving apart, taking your own path, not matching something.
Faction- dissenting minority within a larger group: a group that is a minority within a larger group and has interests or beliefs that are not always in harmony with the larger group.
Aptitude- potential to acquire skill, quickness in learning, a natural tendency to do something well.
Words you should know:
Simulation- the act of imitating the behavior of some situation.
Serum- an amber-colored, protein-rich liquid.
Transmitter- a set of equipment used to generate and transmit electromagnetic waves carrying messages or signals
My Rating
I would rate this book as 5 out of 5 stars.
The reason that I gave Divergent all the stars was because the book was fantastic. Tris faced many problems which she found solutions to. There were all the stages a story should have and the ending led perfectly into the second book. Divergent is also one of my favorite books because the characters really come alive in my eyes, and they help make the story interesting. I would recommend this book to anyone ages 12 and up. Even though this is all my opinion, reading Divergent really is a great way to spend you weekend.
Author's Biography
Veronica Roth
Veronica Roth is the New York Times bestselling author of Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant, all of those books are parts of the Divergent series. Veronica Roth started writing these books while she was in college and now she is a full-time writer. Ms. Roth and her husband live in Chicago, which is also the setting of the Divergent series.
The setting in Divergent was based on a dystopian version of Chicago, where Veronica Roth and her husband live. But since it is a dystopian version of the city, which is creation of an utterly horrible or degraded society that is generally headed to an irreversible oblivion, it is much different than the Chicago we know today. In the book it explains that the city has many crumbling buildings and some that were re-built making the city a mix of old and new. When Tris is still Abnegation, she explains that the neighborhood she lives in is dull and gray. But when Tris transfers to Dauntless she says that her surroundings are dark and different. The Pit is explained by saying that there is a violent river rushing through the cavern and that there is a lean bridge that stretches across the river. It also states that the Pit is a good name for it because it is a hole, which is a synonym for the word ``pit``.
Antagonist Description
Protagonist Description
Throughout the book Divergent, Tris has two Antagonists that she must face. In the beginning it is Peter, and in the end it is Jeanine Matthews.
Peter is a transfer from Candor and became Dauntless at the Choosing Ceremony. His sidekicks Molly and Drew are always with him when he is bullying Tris. At one part of the book Peter stabs another initiate, Edward, in the eye with a butter knife out of jealously because Edward was ranked first in the physical part of initiation. He also tries to murder Tris when she ranks first in the emotional part of initiation.
Jeanine Matthew is the Erudite leader. She is a master in creating simulations and serums. Eric, a Dauntless leader, works with Jeanine in the process of the Abnegation simulation, that would destroy all of the Abnegation people. Jeanine also captures Tobias and trys the new anti-divergent serum on him. She is also out to get Tris and all of the people that she loves.
The protagonist of a story is also known as the main character or the person that has to face many obstacles. In Divergent, Tris is the protagonist.
Tris starts off in Abnegation, but soon transfers to Dauntless after her back and forth conscience arguments. Tris`s divergence continually confuses her throughout the book. She faces many internal problems fighting between whats best forher and whats best for others. Her Abnegation side shows often when she is in the Dauntless compound. Although she has many issues, Four helps her deal with them farther into the book.
The mood of Divergent is dark, mysterious, and surprising at times. When Tris learns the truth about secrets such as who Four really is or that her mother used to be Dauntless, it is surprising. When Tris has internal battles with herself or when people die it is dark. Before sudden surprises are revealed it is very mysterious.
The characters in Divergent must follow a certain label in their society instead of having their own identity.
The society is organized into five groups. It is the protocol of all to follow this law, anyone who defies the system is Divergent.
Tris must obtain a certain level of knowledge in order to succeed in defeating the Erudite's simulation. Caleb Prior, Tris's brother, switches to Erudite at the Choosing Ceremony.
There are many disagreement within the Abnegation and the Erudite that has a bitter ending, rebellion.
In the mental stage of Dauntless initiation, the initiate's final exam is to face their fear landscape. When Tris and four start dating, Four "Tobias" shares his four fears with her.
Tris faces many internal battles with herself when deciding what faction to chose and how to contain her divergence.
By: Veronica Roth
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