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I what to have more privileges


emily fausnaught

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of I what to have more privileges

I want to have more privileges I want to have more privileges. I'm old enough. The boys get every privilege that I get. And I'm really responsible. First off, The boys go to bed the same time as I do.Lights out at 9:00. The boys get the same allowance.We get twenty five cents. The boys get their own D.S .Caleb got his in Preschool when I got it in second grade.He even broke it. This proves that, Next, I'm the oldest by two years. I can do some things that the boys can't. Like go on some rollor coaster. I do some things without being asked,like my homework. So you see why, And finally, I'm really responsible. I make my bed without being asked. I do my pianio and viola without being asked most of the time. I am nice to my brothers.I play games with them. That shows that, There for,
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