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Soul Eater

about soul eater and introducing the main charters

Pornpitcha Thongjen

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Soul Eater

What is this cartoon all about?
It's about meister and weapon working together to get 99 human souls and 1 wicth soul to turn the weapon into a death sycthe which is the most powerful power for the weapons. Soul Eater But they can only eat the souls that are on shinigami's list only! There is a school called Shibuzen which sets in Death City which is Shinigami's city. This school gathers all of the young meister and weapons and the person who made this school is also Shinigami too! This is Shinigami Main Characters Maka Albarn (meister of Soul Eater) Soul Eater (Maka Albarn's weapon) Black Star (meister of Tsubaki Nakasa) Tsubaki Nakasa (Black Star's weapon) Death the Kid (meister of Liz and Patty Thompson) (Shinigami's Son) Liz and Patty Thompson (Death the Kid's weapons) Crona and Racnarok For more information I will let you watch these first three episodes Each of them will be 2-3 parts each :3 Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3
P.S. kind of disgusting
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