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Copy of Fashion Stylist

Dream Job PowerPoint

Zoe Dokas

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Fashion Stylist

Career Presentation Fashion Stylist Zoe Dokas Professional Practices - Mr. Keele
Monday 12:00 PM
March 18th 2013 Employment Outlook SWOT Analysis Dream Job - Fashion Stylist Fashion Stylist How To Get There? Styling By Zoe Target Market Project Window Display Work Sample 4 Unique Skills & Ability Styling Internship Fashion Stylist According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of those working in clothing, accessories, and general merchandise stores is expected to grow by 11% over the 2008-2018 decade.

Those with formal education will have the best opportunities for advancement and strong competition is to be expected.

The best job opportunities should be best in metropolitan areas, especially those known to be fashion epicenters like New York and Los Angeles.

Job outlook for Fashion Stylist Experts are very promising due to the constant need for skilled Fashion Stylists in movies, commercials, photo shoots and other related settings. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Salary: $80,000 - $100,000+ Qualifications Job Overview Responsibilities Education: An associate's or bachelors degree in fashion design, fashion merchandising, visual arts, visual merchandising, or a related field is often required.
Experience: Retail sales or management experience is helpful, as well as internships with Fashion Stylists.
Personal Characteristics: The Fashion Stylist has an eye for style and upcoming fashion trends, as well as a broad knowledge of historical fashions. One needs to be creative, resourceful, persistent and self motivated. The Fashion Stylist should have good interpersonal presentation and communication skills. The ability to market one's self is critical.
The most successful Fashion Stylists have extensive networks of contracts within the fashion industry to get the job done quickly and within budget. Pull together outfits or wardrobes for their clients, to include, executives, celebrities, and "everyday people". A Fashion Stylist is the person who does most of the work before the cameras start shooting, whether for a magazine, film, TV series, fashion show or personal client. Stylists consult with clients on hair, make-up, footwear, jewelry and apparel to create total looks, often for a specific event. NORDSTROM Nordstrom offers selling positions in Personal Touch that include personal stylists. This individual will cross sell from all departments in the store to meet your customers' needs. The ideal candidate is motivated, enjoys working one on one with customers and thrives in a commissioned sales environment. If you share our love for the customers we serve, the merchandise we sell and the work we do, this is a place for you to build a rewarding career. Maintain a fashionable professional image and be a customer service role model
Consistently seek new fashion and product knowledge to act as an expert for the customer
Search for innovative ways to increase business through use of Personal Book, store traffic, customer referrals, website requests and personal networking
Provide expertise and honest confident feedback regarding merchandise style and fit
Wardrobe every customer
Use directive selling skills through cross, team and on-line selling to promote key items, latest trends, new arrivals and replenishment basics
Build lasting relationships with customers by contacting them to follow up on purchases, suggest new merchandise and invite them to upcoming events
Demonstrate leadership in your home based department while selling throughout the entire store
Set and achieve personal daily, monthly, yearly and special event goals
Develop an extensive personal clientele Retail/Styling Experience Styling Assistant Creativity
Pay Per Client
Customer Need
Flexibility Client Demand
Long Hours
Unexpected Deadline
Product Not Available New Clients
New Trends
Different Fields of Opportunity
More Staff
Client Demand
Customer's Style On Their Own Knowledge and experience in the Retail Industry
Able to analyze and forecast trends
Strong communication, merchandise presentation and marketing skills.
Management skills, team development and time management.
Excellent styling and merchandising skills. Understanding what customers need/want
Loves Fashion
Computer proficient (Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint)
Social Media Skills/Blogging
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