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Divide and Conquer

Toastmasters - Delegate to Empower

Nichol Brummer

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer 5 Steps of Delegation Barriers Trust Reluctance Find Somebody Empower Accountability Assign
Responsibility Leader : You are Both
Worker Worker: Delegation Learn
Take Responsibility Explain Details and Expected Results
Training & Help Start up
Identify Resources Hand Over Authority Agree on Expectations
Which Results
Keep Contact: feedback, help Willing & Motivated
Can learn it
Has time to do it Fear of losing it!
Task not yet defined Too Polite ..
Don't dare to ask
Don't know who The Leadership Excellence Series Divide et Impera ~ Julius Caesar military strategy
method to solve complex computing problems
... also applies to delegating responsibilities Divide
Work into
Smaller Tasks Can somebody else do it? Selfish Don't want to share the credit Insecure Afraid the other may take your job Delegate
Empower Control Prioritize Important
Urgent Bottleneck
Define a Clearly Separate Task Veni Vidi Vici - Julius Caesar Toastmasters Goal:
Self Improvement to Speak
to Evaluate
to Think Creatively
to Do
to Learn
to Help
to Lead President - Nichol - Big Picture! Joker
VPE - Jeroen Brons - Let's Learn Stuff!
VPMem - Klaas - Are We Happy?
VPPR - Gertjan Jacobs - Come Join Us!
Sergeant at Arms - Leo - Basic Essentials! Joker
Secretary - Sabyasachi - Records
Treasurer - Peter Zinn - Pay Me, Pay You!
Immediate Past President - Mehul - Wise Absent
IT Support - Peter/Nichol - EasySpeak Mechanic VPE - Educational Committee
Jeroen Brons
Leo - Roster Master - Speeches
Belfrit - CL Master - Roles
Koos - Mentor Master
Nichol - Template Master Mentor Group
Eveline Sergeant at Arms - Social Committee
Sergeant at Arms
Meet & Greet team
Erik Kral
Jeroen Bijleveld
Jeroen Lamers Public Relations Committee
Gertjan, Nichol, Peter Zinn
Answer email to the club
facebook, Meetup, Twitter, Google+
EasySpeak Club Pages - Nichol
EasyBlog - Nichol, ...?
Video, Photos - Nichol
Online Library - Nichol
Wordpress Blog - Nichol, Peter, ..? Toastmaster of the Evening
General Evaluator
Table Topics Master
Video Operator Toastmasters Evening Toastmasters Evening
General Evaluator
Table Topics Master
Speakers, Evaluators
Timer, Ah-Counter
Video Operator Keep us all Challenged..
.... a Challenge! You, and Me
Challenges Utrecht
Toastmasters Our Challenge: many active members with many speeches, many meetings.

The Solution: many active members over which to divide the organization.

Bonus: firepower for workshops, debate, web site, blogs, video, photos ...

(Not Yet Weekly Meetings) Growing Large Lucius Aenaeus Seneca (Nero's Teacher) It is Not
Because Things are Difficult
that we Do Not Dare
It is
Because we Do Not Dare
that things are Difficult
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