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on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of France

France Map Of France French Flag Ancient and Heraldic Traditions:

Blue - vigilance, truth, loyalty and justice.
White - Peace and honesty.
Red - Bravery, strength and valor. Modern-day Belief:

Red and blue are colors of Paris.
White represents the color of the Royal House of Bourbon.
The ideals of the French Revolution; liberty, equality and fraternity were represented by red, white and blue respectively. France main exports are: air crafts, food , chemicals , industrial machinery , iron and steel , electronics , motor vehicles and pharmaceuticals . Main Exports Main Imports Fuel, electronics, chemicals, agricultural machinery , food and clothing Attractions Chateau de Chambord Mont Saint-Michel Eiffel Tower Languages This Is A List Of Languages Spoken In France:
French Sign Language
German, Swiss
Lyons Sign Language
Romani, Balkan
Romani, Sinte
Romani, Vlax
Vlaams (Flemish) Religons: Roman Catholic 83%-88%
Protestant 2%
Jewish 1%
Muslim 5%-10%
unaffiliated 4% The Main Religions Of France Are: People The people of France are 92% French; 4% Arab/North; 4% African; 2% German; 1% Breton and 1% Catalan. Famous French People Coco Chanel Marie Curie Surya Bonaly Thierry Henry Michael Vartan Holidays Holiday Name
New Year's Day
Labor Day / May Day
WWII Victory Day
Ascension Day
Whit Monday
Bastille Day
Assumption of Mary
All Saints' Day
Armistice Day
Christmas Day
St Stephen's Day Date
Jan 1
Apr 5
May 1
May 8
May 14
May 25
Jul 14
Aug 15
Nov 1
Nov 11
Dec 25
Dec 26 Bastille Day >>> Jobs Population Density The population of France is about 58518,748 people Capital Information Capital: Paris
Population: 2.234 million (Jan 2009)
Area: 40.7 sq miles (105.4 km) Environment Flowers Animals Cacti Cours Saleya Lily Iris <<Mountains Plains>> Gallic rooster Rhinoceros Horses Deer Lions Banks^ Doctors^ Technology Manager^
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