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Solar system

No description

Jhanz Ganub

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Solar system

Jupiter is the first planet in the outer part of our solar system.It was named after a roman god . it is the largest planet in our solar system.The big red dot is a storm thats been alive for thousands of years.By neel
The sun is the biggest, and hottest, object in the solar system. The Sun's temperature is close to being about degrees 5,500 celcius hot on just the surface, and a scorching 28 million degrees fahrenheit on the core. Now that's hot! - info from national geographic
By: colin
Bye voyager one uh, *ahem*
sorry my big storm tickling me
I am a blue water like planet
that's named after a god-Daryll.Neptune's day is 16 hours long.And a year is 60,190 days.Did you know it is the 4th smallest giant?Neptune also has a fast moving cloud called,"Scooter".Neptune has the strongest winds reaching up to 1,200 miles per hour!!!-Elijah.

This planet
has land water
even life but its
getting ruined
by cars, factories,
and even electricity
- Vince Porras
and Daryll-
Pluto, now a dwarf planet, was discovered in 1930. It was originally decided as the ninth planet however, in 2003 Pluto was decide as to be a dwarf planet there for it not being an official planet of the solar system - info from wikipedia By:Colin
sizzling planet
is home to lots
and lots of lava
and heat..Venus' volcanoes erupt all the time.Venus is the 1st hottest planet.Venus's average temp.is 850 degrees.Venus has no moons.It is WAY hotter than Mercury because of clouds surrounding the hot air.-Elijah&Daryll
Uranus is a planet that is tilteted.It is mostly different becasue it has rings that go around it and is tilted on its side

- Daryll did 5½
planets and 2 videos and 3 fade in frames._.

-Jhanz did Uranus and Mercury and Owner

-Vince did Earth and Earth's Moon

-Colin did Sun and Pluto

-Neel did Jupiter and Mars

-Elijah did more info on Saturn and Venus.

Rings are cool
and a rover landed
on one of saturns moons
-Daryll.Saturn's rings are Made out of rocks.Saturn is the next biggest planet next to Jupiter.Saturn has 62 moons.It is about 10 hours for one day to pass because Saturn is very large.Saturn can fit about 744 Earths in it.on Saturn,you'd weigh about 74 pounds if you weighed 70 on Earth.-Elijah.
closest to the sun and
is not THAT close.Mercury is the smallest planet next to Pluto the dwarf planet.It is also the 2nd hottest planet.Because it is the nearest to the sun,a year on Mercury is about half a year on Earth. -Elijah&Daryll
The Moon
Watch the video about the MOON it has a few amazing facts about it
The Creators of this Prezi
Ever wanted to visit
The Milky Voyagers?
This team has funny wacky prezis
we will make sure there informational
Hope you liked our prezi-Daryll,Jhanz,Vince,Elijah,
Neel,and Colin
The Moon
Here is a great Picture of the moon

Google images
The asteroid belt separates Mars and Jupiter.Probably many asteroids hit Earth come from here.The asteroid belt would be a terrible place to travel because of all the rocks that float around...the 1st asteroid was discovered in 1801 by a Italian named Giuseppe Piazza.
Thank you Google,YouTube,etc.
PLZ tell us how we did here......
The Sun
This red and dead planet.is neighbors to earth.It has a bigger mountain than any of the other planets we can see the surface.The moutain is a volcano called Olympus mons
is neighbors to earth-Daryll and Neel!
The moon is a moon that
goes around the earth but we have already
conquered it but the moon has no life on it
-Vince Porras
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