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Harsh Bhatnagar

on 18 February 2015

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A - 43 & A – 52,Sector - 16, Noida (U.P)
Phone : - 0120-4646464
Mobile: - +91- 9871055180
Responsibility Of VLSI Designer

Dr. Prabhu Goel In 1981 to join Wang Labs. In 1982 to start Gateway Design Automation which developed the now industry standard Verilog. He sold his stake at Gateway sold for about $80 million. He won the 2003 IEEE Industrial Pioneer Award for his work on design modeling and design verification through Verilog and Verilog-based design. He is now a private venture capitalist.

Gate Level Modeling

Data Flow Modeling

Behavioral Modeling

Switch level Modeling

Verilog Code
module andgate( output y,input a,b );

and l1(y,b,a);

Set Of Rules To Design A Chip
* Design Specification
* Behavioral Description
* RTL Description (HDL)
* Function Verification And Testing
* Logical Synthesis And Time Verification
* Gate Level Netlist
* Logical Verification And Testing

* Floor Planning Automatic Place and Route
* Physical Layout
* Layout Verification
* Implementation

Very Large Scale Integration
To Fabricate A Chip

Increase complexity

Increase Accuracy

reduced Power Consumption

Maximum Speed


Low In Cost
Verification Guidelines
A process of investigating a design and demonstrating it to be accurate to specification.
A process which runs simultaneous to design creation process.

Verification as part of our daily routine:
Tasting a cuisine.
We even verify our thoughts.

An Engineer’s job
Interpret the design specification
Exercise tests on RTL
Making sure the tests signify the interpretation accurately

A Hardware Verification Language(HVL).

SystemVerilog is an extension of
IEEE 1364 Verilog-2001 standard.

It has features derived from Verilog,C,C++.

Directed testing detects the bugs you expect but Random testing detects the bugs you did not expect.
Automatic stimulus generation
Change the characteristics of the data driving the DUT
Random setting of parameters
Select ports, addresses, operational parameters randomly
A random test’s behavior depends on the seed
If you run the same test with the same seed, you will get the
same behavior
If you run the same test with many different seeds, you will get
the equivalent of many different tests
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