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Untitled Prezi

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Prabhkirat kaur

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

are we gonna stay at war for how long will it ever stop? Which way are you taking Please DO NOT ever do this or you will regret it!!!!! JUST WAR???????????? Hello well today's topic is that we have started doing racism and being rude to others (seniors,children,and even adults). Guess what this has to stop right now and i mean right now. People are just gone crazy even when you know that person and you still go and hurt them well NO so stop and i have a question for all of you people being racist what would you do if this happen to you would you like it i don't think so. If your not understanding this let me give you an example you take somebody to jail and hit them for following there religion and do even i don't know start beating them up but why??????Why are you making somebody suffer when they have much has rights as you do every body is special nobody has a right to go up to somebody and start doing violence and i mean NOBODY!
Even if you have some problem with anybody why do you have to bring violence into everything like violence is the only thing that evrybody Should hate. SO now its time we stand up not by ourselves but with each other remeber 13 can beat 10 and do all this quietly without any violence nothing is ever solved with violence or racism we have words why dont we use them in a positive way? Now all of you promise me we will stand up as a team and deafeat violence take the guns away we wont go big remember one millon starts with one. So is this a promise? Corruption?Politics striking you in India!Do not and i mean do not use gun violence,let me tell you what gun violence is. This is the worst Tragedy ever!Don't you ever hear about shootings everywhere you go?You prbably do. This is Bhagat Singh. He is the biggest Indian hero and freedom fighter.He gave his life so India could be free from the evil british
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