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Hopping Towards Happy Shopping

Persuasive speech on Animal Testing in the Cosmetic Industry

Hannah Olson

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Hopping Towards Happy Shopping

By: Hannah Olson Hopping Towards Happy Shopping Rabbit Guinea Pig By: Hannah Olson Mouse Rat Please Purchase Products that are not tested on us! www.caringconsumer.com Picture Sources: www.whale.to/ treasurehuntadventure.net polyp.org.uk frogsmoke.com mousetribe.webs.com ratfinxratrescueofoklahoma.com animalpictures1.com auscamonline.com rinaz.net/2008/10/88-palette/ lilylolo.co.uk cuterabbits.co.uk statemaster.com nano.org.uk Oreo ALTERNATIVES! Companies that use animal testing: Axe Clairol Cover Girl L'Oreal Maybelline Neutrogena Dove Garnier Pantene Sally Hansen Lancome Arm and Hammer Banana Boat Clorox Crest Coppertone Dawn Drano Glade Kleenex Listerine Pinesol Playtex Pledge Resolve Tide Windex Woolite Thank you!
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