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OTD Capstone Presentation

No description

pierre clay

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of OTD Capstone Presentation

The Recovery Model and Organizational Transformation
through Policy and Practice Pierre Clay
University of Southern California Occupational Therapy Doctorate
Capstone Presentation Residency Site: Kedren Community Health Center Inc. Acute Psychiatric Hospital Approach to care
Biomedical model
Behavioral model
Biopsychosocial model Children's Inpatient Unit and Adult Inpatient Unit Interdisciplinary Teams Reason for psychiatric hospitalization Coursework Recovery
Model OT 620 OT 621 OT 686 Psyc 534 PPD 680 Evidence Occupational
Therapy Occupational
Science Recovery-Oriented Basic Training Manual Hope
Self-Responsibility In-Service Trainings Completed
Collected outcomes and feedback
Received a Certificate of Appreciation OTD: Advanced Clinical Practice Outcomes- Perception of Agency OTD: Advanced Clinical Practice Outcomes- Perception of Department OTD: Advanced Clinical Practice Outcomes- Perception of Self Capstone OTD: Administration & Policy Recovery-Oriented Committee Weekly meetings beginning in February Chief Executive Officer (Limited contact)
Director of Adult Outpatient Services
Director of Rehabilitation Services
Senior Coordinator for Full Service Partnership OTD: Advanced Clinical Practice Outcomes- Perception of Self Residency Reflection Forebearance
Social capital
Communication skills
Networking Proposed Leadership Career Renew my NVCI Trainer Certification
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification
Six Sigma Certification
Alcohol & Drug Counselor Certification
Present at OTAC
Present at AOTA Meaningful Roles
Autonomy Conducted interviews
Created DVD
Created mission, vision, and values statements
Currently in search of consultant Purpose of the Capstone To develop and initiate the initial stage of
policy development & organizational transformation for the integration of the Recovery-Oriented Model through in-service trainings for
the Department of Rehabilitation Services
at Kedren Acute Psychiatric Hospital OTD: Advanced Clinical Practice Completed Action Plan
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