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Fire From The Rock

No description

Bianca Arroyo

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Fire From The Rock

Conflict and Climax
The Resolution is that Sylvia takes her name off the list because she realizes that after she almost died in the fire she that she was more terrified of not being able to learn and do what she wanted in than die.

Vol XCIII, No. 311
Main Idea
1. Rumors of integrating Central High School begin to spread throughout Little Rock.
2. Miss Washington asks Sylvia to consider being one of the first black students to integrate
3. Gary gets into a fight with Johnny Crandall because he was fed up with him being so rude and bothering colored people.
4. Sylvia's name gets on the list to Central.
5. While on their way back from the Library, Sylvia and DJ get stopped by Johnny Crandall and his friends. They started pushing the girls and knocking their books down.
6. Sylvia goes to the Zucker's store to grab some items for her mother when suddenly she heard a loud crash, following some explosions which causes shelves to fall on her and her friend Rachel. Then, the store catches on fire so Sylvia managed to get Rachel and herself out in time.
7. Sylvia finds out that Reggie, her boyfriend, was the one who threw the bombs at the store. It was an accident though, he meant to throw it at the Crandall's barbershop.
8. Sylvia decides to get her name removed from the list and goes to Mann.
The main idea of this story is that Sylvia Faye gets a chance to be one of the first students integrated into Central High School. Then she has to figure out if she should go and risk losing important things to her or just go to Horace Mann and stay safe while getting a good education.
Fire From The Rock
By: Sharon M. Draper
This story takes place in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957. During 1950's there was a lot of protesting and violence for and against segregation.
Donna Jean Patterson: She is an 8 year old little girl who is very intelligent for her age. Her mother is her teacher at her school. She is the baby of the family so her older siblings are protective of her.

Mrs. Patterson: She is the mother of Gary, Sylvia and DJ. She is married to a Pastor and works as a teacher in an elementary school. She always recites Bible verses and platitudes when she explains something. Also, when she gets upset she starts to clean anything she could find or broom the floor.

Mr. Patterson: He is the father of Gary, Sylvia, and DJ. He is the Pastor of a small church. Mr.Patterson is very serous and quiet, and he doesn't show a lot of emotion.

Miss Ethel Washington: She is Sylvia's English and Social Studies Teacher. She is a stern, unsmiling woman with large hips and a tiny waist. She is about 60 Years old. She has black hair with a lot of grey and she wore it in a pulled back bun on her neck. She also wore large brown sunglasses and sturdy brown shoes. She always wore dresses made of stiff fabric in various shades of black, gray, and brown.

Rachel Zucker and Mr & Mrs. Zucker: Rachel is Sylvia's best friend and her parents owned a store/bakery near Sylvia's house. Even though their skin color is white, some white people still gave them a hard time because they are Jewish.

Characters and Character Traits
Sylvia Faye Patterson: She is 15 and in 9th grade. She is one of the lucky students to get a chance to be one of the first black students to be integrated into Central High School. She is very intelligent, obedient, and wise. Sylvia describes herself as a brown-skinned girl, with puffy black hair, a big nose, full lips, bushy eyebrows, short and stubby lashes, and oily skin. She also loves to write poetry in her diary.

Gary Patterson: He is a 17 year old boy who wants to fight for equality. Gary is described as tall and thin, has freckles on his face, with large, slightly crooked teeth, and he wears his hair straightened and slicked back.

Reggie Birmingham: He is Sylvia's crush and then boyfriend. He usually wore a brown bomber jacket, brown corduroy pants, and a pair of well-worn dark blue Ked tennis shoes. Reggie is a good friend of Gary and he doesn't want Sylvia to go to Central. He also thinks people should fight for equality.

The Crandalls: They are very racist white people and every colored person in Little Rock knows who they are. Mr. Crandall has two dogs which he trained to go after colored people. He owns a barbershop and only cuts white people's hair. Mrs. Crandall is known as the most vocal segregationist in town and has a group called "The Mothers' Coalition". Mr. Crandall was most known for his highly polished, chestnut-brown, double-laced oxford shoes with meal taps on the toes and heels. They have a teenage boy named Johnny and he is an outstanding football player at Central, but he is very aggressive toward colored people.
Rising Action: The rising action is when everyone finds out about the integration. This made people start to protest and worry.
The climax is when Sylvia and her family find out she is eligible to get into Central. Then as time passed by, more names came off the list except Sylvia's. This gave her a greater chance to get in.
The Conflict is that Sylvia is unsure whether or not she wants to go to Central. She doesn't want to let anyone down by taking her name off the list but she is scared of all the dangerous things that could happen if she goes to the school. Also, her decision might affect the people around her.
Thanks for Watching ;)
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