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DBQ Bucketing Prezi

No description

Mary Coker

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of DBQ Bucketing Prezi

Re-read your document
HIGHLIGHT important information in the document
Ask yourself, "What is the analytical question being asked?"
Are there any words I need to define?
Can I rewrite this question in my own words?
Using clues from the information create logical categories in buckets.
Using the bucketed evidence
Now, you have the
framework for an
awesome essay
Each Bucket is a supporting paragraph
Document Analysis
Or Getting Ready to Write

Let's "bucket" the info

Read all your information,
answer any questions.
Thesis Statement
: is always an opinion and answers the Question asked.
Use the chicken foot to create your thesis:
Reason(s) 1 Reason(s) 2 Reason(s) 3
Evidence from Text
Evidence from text
Evidence from text
The American's were right in demanding rights for three reasons:
List your reasons
from the document evidence in your buckets!
Reason 1
Reason 2
Reason 3
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