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Copy of S.I.C.

Franco, Santi, Tommy

Tommy Fenenko

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of S.I.C.

Organization upper level levels of organisation S.I.C. INFORMATION There are needed by Persons / Organizations for take good decisions and so they can
comply their objectives What is it? Team (Social System) With a same interest With a same Objective middle level operator level The information must be timely true and close to reality useful Complet dependable Decisions programmable No programmable trading company company buy Pay sales buy Pay Product elaboration sales Charges commercial documents Factur A B C Note Crédit Debit Legal persons Monotributist
Responsable Inscripted Recive Pagaré purchase order operativ system Debe ser: La these actions are carried out by Para contabilizar los movimientos, emiten... Para ello necesitan for that they need good information To achieve this we must have the ... Toma operativ level superial and tactical level this are taken
by this ones are
taken by the Charges interact with the environment
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