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Copy of Character Analysis

No description

Kathleen Springer

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Character Analysis


How do I
analyze a
Main Character
Harry Potter is an
example of a Protagonist.
Not only is he the main character, but he is also
involved in conflict with
the main villain.
Darth Vader is an example of an antagonist because he was the main villian. Also he was involved in a conflict with the main protagonist.
A dynamic character changes during the course of the story.
The changes in the character
are permanent.
Lightening McQueen is dynamic. He starts off as self-centered racer. through his experiences at Radiator Springs, he permanently changes into a different kind of car.
Think TV static
A static character remains primarily the same throughout the story. Events in the story
do not change the character's outlook, personality, habits, motivation, etc.
Scar is a static character. Throughout the entire movie, he does not change. Even at the end when he knows he has lost he still does not give in or change, which leads to his ultimate demise.
Minor Character
Let's practice our skills!
Katniss Everdeen
Bart Simpson
Captain Hook
When analyzing a character, the reader must consider many
points including:
physical traits
personality traits
Physical Traits:
Which dog do you think is the cutest? Describe.
Physical traits describe what something looks like.

For example: short, tall, muscular, skinny, blue eyes, fair skin, scars, long hair, bald, small lips, etc.
Personality traits describe a person's thoughts, ideas, attitudes.

Examples: outgoing, shy, bossy, brave, creative, mean, honest, serious, sloppy, polite, moody, fearless, intelligent, etc.
What is Character Analysis?
Character = a person, animal, or thing
in a work of literature
Analysis = breaking down a piece of literature
so that it can be understood
The main character is the character that is represented in the story the most. The plot usually revolves around this character.
A minor character is a character represented in the story, but not the main character.
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