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Waithood & restricted futures: focusing on the involvement o

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Kristen Cheney

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Waithood & restricted futures: focusing on the involvement o

Waithood & Restricted Futures:
Save the Children project to create a
CSE programme
Ethiopia and Uganda
Young people aged 10-24
ISS conducting formative/operational research
Trained youth as peer researchers, involved in developing research tools and data collection
Researchers beginning activities this month
Inward-looking workshops
for Save staff and local partners
to get them to challenge some of their own assumptions about age, gender, sex, and relationships
to reconsider the assets of young people's direct involvement in research (e.g. 'What can they accomplish that adults cannot?')
Even helped change attitudes about 'child saving'; drew out the invisibility of generational issues; went beyond the rhetoric
Getting everyone on the same page about what we mean when we talk about
youth-led research...
Youth Researcher Training Workshops
Intensive 2-day workshops for urban and rural, in-school and out-of-school youth
Overcoming Internalized Prejudices
Young people themselves often internalize prevalent ideas that they themselves do not know what they need or what is good for them.
in the NGO world...
Researchers are ready to go, but delays in signing contracts with local partners, schools, have them waiting to get started
Putting young
people center-stage
in development research
Keep-It-Real comprehensive sexuality education programme
focusing on the involvement of youth
in the development of SRHR programmes

Kristen Cheney, PhD. Children & Youth Studies Institute of Social Studies The Hague
Consultation with young people?
At what stage?
To what degree?
About what? Research and/or programming?
Which youth? Chosen by whom?
This Prezi available at http://bit.ly/1mVkpAm
But when we express confidence in their abilities and value their contributions, we get incredible results!
Skepticism about
intent faded.
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