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Six Sigma Academic Medical Hospital

No description

Sebastian Salazar

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Six Sigma Academic Medical Hospital

Case of Study CPTG31223

Six Sigma At Academic Medical Hospital Implementation of quality program Six Sigma At AMH to “Reduce Patient wait time” (Arrival- Medical attending)

•Portal of entry for the majority of AMH`s Patients = Emergency Department
•Previous efforts to improve operation quality: With fail results.
•Much Resistance from Doctors: “Individual Vigilance”

•Safe Environment: Reduce medical Errors/ Improving satisfaction.
•Best place to care (Health care professionals).
•Best place to receive care.
•Continuing reduce variability and waste in processes. Context r TEAM - ED Project “Reduce Patient wait time” Knowing all the facts, what would you do differently? ......What would we do differently? AMH-Six Sigma Implementation Drivers: Important Facts: •Project was defined from operational and customer needs basis; the business basis was left out.

•Waste of resources and time by doing double analysis.

• Lack of motivated Staff involved (Extra work to obtain statistical data).

•Lack of acceptance by stakeholders: “Quality X Acceptance = Effectivity”

•Change Implementation Focus V.s Change Acceleration Process (CAP): Necessary to secure acceptance of the implemented changes.

•Team Key players Lack of commitment.

•Sponsor not acting as a leader in the project. Problem / Analysis: •Analyze projects from all three dimensions: Operational, Customer needs and Business.

•Find Influencers Drivers: Strengthen Team involvement.
Delivering quality health service.
Taking care of their patients.
Economic incentives.

•Evaluate and transmit the economic impact of the project.

•The acceptance and commitment of all personnel involved in any project are key elements to succeed (Values).

•SS Program Champion has to be aware of every aspects concerning the implementation of the Project.

•Efficient collection and analysis of data is needed to make scenarios and projections.

•If the staff is going to have extra work they must be: Very motivated or have access to an economic bonus (Short Run / Long Run). Bernardo Sanchez
Sebastian Salazar
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