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Macbeth the past,present and future

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Tim Merrifield

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Macbeth the past,present and future

technology today is very impressive and will only continue to please us in the future. although it seems far fetched 3d motion holographic imagery would be invented. can you just imagine what this could mean? no longer would we watched a shakespearen play, but live it.
The future
and now for the monologue
the present day
there are mixed reactions when it comes to either keeping the language or adapting it. there is the argument that it is impossible to keep the original language uncut and still change the environment aroud them. for example macbeth is set in medieval scotland in act 5 scene 6 macduff attacks macbeths castle with woodland camoflauge . compare this to james mcavoy's restaurant setting. act 5 scene 6 in this version would have to be changed.
the past
the Elizabethan theatre audiences attracted people from all classes the upper class nobility and the lower class commoners.
the Elizabethan general public also known as poor people would pay 1 penny to stand in the pit of the globe theatre. the higher class would pay to sit in the galleries and the riches nobles could watch the play from a chair set on the sie of the globe stage itself. theatre performances were held in the afternoon because the darkness. Men and woman attened the plays but often the prosperous women would wear a mask to disguise themselves. the plays were extremely popular and attracted large audience to the elizabethan theatres. sometimes it would even be free to watch a shakespeare play meaning that people of all classes rich and poor could see histories,comedies and tragedies performed by william shakespeare himself
Macbeth the past,present and future
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