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A short presentation on the history of the present day thumbdrive - how mobile data storage limits has increased so dramatically in a matter of years.

Tan Rong

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Thumdrivestory

Thumbdrivestory The history of the thumbdrive There was no predecessor to the thumbdrive. JOKING!! :D The earliest computer mobile storage drive was the Floppy Disk, created in the 1970s and widespread till the 1990s. They began with a capacity of

(and it was 8" long!)

but eventually progressed to a capacity of

(1600 MEGABITS) Toward the 1980s, the CD was created.

It could store barely anymore than the floppy disk, but was eventually made rerwritable,

This was a great advantage
Further down the line would be the DVD;
it could store much more than the original CD.

Presently a double layer DVD can store up to 8 GB in memory.
After the DVD,
was the revolutionary


A 1GB thumbdrive was invented in 2004, and spread through the market like wildfire Presently,
a thumdrive can store up to 128GB of memory.

It is much smaller then the original floppy disk
and remains the largest memory holder for its size. Other forms of mobile storage:
- Blu-Ray DVD
- Memory cards
thanks for reading! :)
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