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No description

Isaac Hondorp

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Atlantis

Where Atlantis is
Atlantis is believed to be off of the Bahamas, near the Greek island of Santorini, or most recently, off the coast of Cadiz,Spain. But nobody knows for sure.
How Atlanteans
Plato's story described a perfect, or utopian society. Atlanteans were vegetarians and never harmed animals.

Atlanteans were people who lived in Atlantis...obviously.
Scientists don't know...but some people think Atlantis is real and some people think it is not real. There are many reasons it could be real, but they still aren't sure about it. That can be a problem for scientists because it's hard to research about something when nobody knows if it is real.
What Atlantis is
Atlantis is a city that a greek philosopher, Plato told stories about in 360 BC.
Is Atlantis real?
How Atlantis got lost
Scientists think that Atlantis got swept up by a tsunami or a volcanic eruption. What is left, is thought to be at the bottom of the ocean. This might be why it hard to find.
How some survived
Some Atlanteans swam or rowed to the shores of Europe and Africa when Atlantis sank.
Atlantis founders
The Atlantis founders were half human, half god.They were the ones who came up with building it.
Atlantean language
There was a language that they spoke that looked like chinese or japanese.
What Atlantis was like
There were a couple islands that made up Atlantis.
Atlantis contained...
It contained gold, silver, and other precious metals. Atlantis also had a lot of wildlife and plants.
Why people think it is real
A United States team using many scientific methods found evidence in the ocean that matches images of Atlantis from people that left there.
Why people think it is not real
There has not been any REAL proof. Another reason why is that the founders were thought to be half human, half god.
The history of Atlantis Timeline
9600 BC

Sank, 1 day,
1 night
660 BC

Solon told
andpa about
360 BC
Plato writes
"Timaeus" and
Francis Bacon
writes "The New
US congressman
Iquatious L.Do-
nelly writes
Atlantis is

I had a lot
of fun researching it!
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