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The First Lady!

No description

Nya Roland

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of The First Lady!

The First Lady
One of my favorite people in the whole wide world is Michelle Obama because, she is very inspirational and she's a hard worker.
The First Lady!
Argument against Michelle Being Person of the Year
One reason I chose her to be Person of the Year is because, she's very hard working. she has a lot of businesses like a dance studio that kids (all ages) can go for free.
Reason One!
The second reason Michelle should be Person of the Year is because, every time Obama is going through something Michelle is there to take over and make a change.
Reason Two
So with all that said, Michelle should be Person of the year because she's a very important part of our economy and she's a very great leader.
Another reason Michelle should be Person of the Year is because, she is a very Loyal successful leader and she is the one who makes sure things are in order when, Obama is not able to.
Reason Three!
Some people might think Michelle shouldn't be Person of the Year because, they may say she doesn't do anything for anyone and she's just a presidential house mother, but I disagree because she does a lot more than any other famous women would do and that's just what I believe.
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