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The Ghost`s Grave

No description

cyrstin heaton

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of The Ghost`s Grave

The Ghost`s Grave In my book there are no
suspects and no clues
because everyone in my book is a suspect Summary Plot Done by: Cyrstin Heaton The author of my
book is
Peg Kehret Here is a picture of
Peg Kehret What my book is about My book is about a boy named josh who went to go visit his aunt for the summer and he met a ghost named wiilie Main character Josh Likes
Dislikes Josh likes to solve
mysteries He also likes to read books
Josh dislikes when people shoot bats
He dislikes how his aunt
has a truck that has a
whole bunch on dents
on the side
Physical attributes He has brown
hair with a little
bit of blonde he
has brown eyes
he is a kind of person who likes to solve mysteries Personality traits He is honest He is smart He likes to keep secrets He is skinny The ghost's grave is adventurous and enjoyable. It has nonstop action and is fun for your eyes and/or brain. I really enjoyed the plot of this story i'll share with you the main plot of the story. The main plot of this story is when josh [the main character] meets a ghost named willie that has been deceased for 1 century . Josh has to dig up willies leg that he lost in an explosion that his ex-wives new husband started with a corn pipe. Then willie died of old age and was buried by his favorite fishing spot. That’s when problems happen. Josh’s plans for a great summer are ruined when he is sent to the old coal-mining town of Carbon City to stay with an elderly aunt. He is convinced that Aunt Ethel is crazy. She fires a rifle in the kitchen to kill a bat, and she insists that the noisy peacock is her reincarnated dead sister. Josh has no television, no video games and no friends, so he starts spending his time reading in a tree house in the woods. However, Josh’s life goes from boring to dangerous when he meets a ghost named Willie. Back in 1903, Willie had lost his leg and then died in a mining accident. He has been unable to rest because his leg was buried in one grave and his body in another. Willie wants Josh to dig up his leg and put it with his body. Josh senses trouble coming and he is correct. While digging up Willie’s leg, Josh finds a box of money that was stolen and buried there by the thief. When the thief discovers that Willie has the money, Willie’s life is in danger. The exciting conclusion neatly resolves all of the mysteries, and gives Josh a new perspective on small town life, and shows that Aunt Ethel is not crazy after all.
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