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The Pro-Filipino Societies

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Ludimark Fantilanan

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of The Pro-Filipino Societies

The Pro-Filipino Societies
Freemasonry and its role
Pro-Filipino Societies
- group of people who are in favor to Filipinos.
Filipinos organized a societies with members that were sympathetic to the cause of introducing reforms in the Philippines.

Circulo Hispano-Filipino

Asociacion Hispano-Filipina
Circulo Hispano-Filipino (The Spanish-Filipino Circle).
-organized on 1882.
-Revista del Circulo Hispano-Filipino (Journal of the
Spanish-Filipino Circle)

-lack of financial support.
-lack of leadership.
Asociacion Hispano-Filipina

-introduced on 1889

-association's aspiration "to work for the material and normal improvement of the Philippines."

1. the abolition of the deizmos prediales and the santorum.
2. the compulsory teaching of Spanish in all schools in the Philippines.
3. radical reforms in the University of Santo Tomas.
4. Abolition of flogging as a form of punishment.
5. the establishment of agricultural banks.
6. tax and other reforms.
- freemasonry; a secret society of an international fraternity for mutual help, having an elaborate ritual and system of secret signs; associated with free-thinking and libertarian beliefs.

Filipino reformists: Rizal, Lopez Jaena, Del Pilar,
Antonio Luna, and others.

-founded on 1889 in Bacelona.
-founded by Lopez Jaena.

La Solidaridad

-founded in Madrid.


-establish in Manila.
-Early 1891.
-aims of organization:
1. to work for freedom and prosperity of the Philippines.
2. to work for good government
3. to ask for representation in the Spanish Cortes
4. to establish Philippines as a province of Spain

1. What was society organized on year 1882?
2. What was society inaugurated on 1889?
3-6. Who are the Filipino reformists?
7. Who founded Revolucion?
8. What is the lodge's name founded in Madrid?
9. What masonic lodge establish in Manila on Early 1891?
10. What masonic lodge that was founded and own by women?

1. Circulo Hispano-Filipino/The Spanish-Filipino Circle.
2. Asociacion Hispano Filipina.
3-6. Rizal, Lopez Jaena, Del Pilar, Antonio Luna.
7. Lopez Jaena.
8. La Solidaridad.
9. Nilad.
10. Walana.

-Founded and own by women.
-Josefa, Trinidad, Rosario Villaruel, Marina Dizon, Valeriana Legazpi, Romualda Lanuza, Sixta Fajardo, and Purificacion Leyva.

Filipinos who went to Spain believed that it was wise for them to seek the help of Spaniards with liberal ideas.
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