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Having a good time with your family

Marina Galimova

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Family

Your family Exercises Reading Results Past Simple Present Simple I'm happy
I'm fine
I'm great
I'm OK
I'm good Family When did Mr and Mrs Wilson get up early? Say what Mr &
Mrs Wilson did
in the morning having a good time together Me Mum Dad Cousin Granpa Granny Brother Uncle Aunt Dad Hobby playing
computer games watching TV reading books drawing make a snowman
take photos
watch TV
give presents
draw pictures a week ago in winter How many people came to see the grandma and the grandpa?
Who was six years old?
Where did the grandmother make a cake?
What did the grandfather buy? Mr and Mrs Wilson got up early
went shopping a big cake
a tasty dinner
her nicest dress
his best blue shirt They saw a car and opened the door Jason, 6
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