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Time Management

Training Module on implementing PDCA thinking into Time Management

David Fiso

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Time Management

PDCA THE COVEY MODEL Time Management TIME MANAGEMENT Write down each activity you perform in a typical work day.

ex.) Coaching, Cheveron Drink Run, KPI Meeting, etc.

Take 2 Minutes The question "what should I be doing?" is answered by asking, "what repeated activities will help me achieve the critical outputs?" What did you come up with? Put a "2" by anything Put a "3" by anything Put a "1" by anything Put a "0" by anything How did you score? There are _____ items on my list
The total possible score is _____(total items X 3)
My score is_____(sum of all the numbers)
My percentage is ________(score/total possible) What are some good reapeated activities for:

Shared Vision?
Shared Strategy?
Shared Culture?
Skilled People?
Systems? If it doesn't lead to one of the critical outputs, we have to ask ourselves, "Why are we doing this?" Be honest with yourself.
Assess your failures honestly, learn from them. Identify how much of your time is productive vs non-productive and track the information The PDCA process is a cycle. Effective time management stems from experience practicing good time management principles.
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