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Valentine's Day, 2013.

For Fabian <3.

Luisana Valero

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Valentine's Day, 2013.

Happy Valentine's Day! Back when we had no clue of what the
future would bring for either of us, everyone around me used to tell me that a prince in shiny armor would come out of NOWHERE when I was least expecting him, smile at me as I frowned, and forever steal my heart. Thankfully, we squiggled around half of the world looking for each other for a pretty long time until finally one day... ! First: the chillest summer ever... living like THIS in Newnan for 3 months. Then and there we fell maaaaaaadly in love! AND BIM! SAVANNAH MIAMI VENEZIA MÜNCHEN ATL and so many other places... ! And even though we because we don't
like being far apart... And one day soon, like a great fairytale or a work of art... ...and because merely wishing the other one were "here" is no way for a night to start... ...we both try our very best every day to be patient and really, really smart. I say we make space in our upcoming
photo albums, because we will have
tons of new AWESOME experiences
to capture. Here are some
previews so that you can
be prepared!

Our first Oktoberfest
together will be
sagenhaft! z.B. time will disappear so that we never (ever, ever) from each other have to part... AND
SWEETHEART! So cheers to this, to us, and to many fancier celebrations! And the future cold days we will spend in Munich, looking good
together wearing warm hats... And of course, you trying to
convince me to ski with you
many, many times! And like I was saying in the beginning... I love you more every day!

-Luisana Woohoo!
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