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Clear Cosmetics Marketing Plan

No description

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Clear Cosmetics Marketing Plan

Executive Summary
Situational Analysis
Clear Cosmetics Marketing Plan
SWOT Analysis
"At Clear Cosmetics, it is our goal to make your days flawless and brighter"
To provide high-quality skincare and cosmetic products to women who want what goes on their bodies to have as high a quality as what goes in their bodies.
It will strive to be the leading producer and marketer of personalized, make-up brands for consumers of color who are searching for flawless make-up and convenient make-up.
The Challenge
The company intends to sell original skin care products, foundations, eye wear, and lip wears that will be unique and will also meet the needs of its customers. It will sell products with names such as luxury pressed powder and perfect response in order to meet the needs of customers who are searching for a makeup collection that precisely matches their skin tones as well as textures.
Strengths and Weaknesses
The images of Clear Cosmetics aim to provide natural products for customers.
It will purchase natural ingredients and accessories from poor countries with low cost around the world. By doing this it will not only gain the lower cost raw materials but also an ethical image.

This company faces competition because other cosmetic companies have already developed a relationship with customers.
It is also a start-up company in which many consumers may not support the company when it begins to operate.
Product Development
Short & Long-Term Projections
Marketing Plan Overview
Market Research
The finding of lead in cosmetic products created an opportunity for Clear Cosmetics to show consumers that the products are natural and organic.
More market share can be gained compared to what the other multinational brands lose.
Opportunities and Threats
The Need
Products provided
Original Skin Care Products
Eye Wear
Lip Wears
Target Market
Start-Up Cost-
Intense Competition in which a lot of competitors, including a few big companies and a large number of small companies, would be fighting for market share in the global market.

In an unstable economy, people will reduce their expenses in order to save money for future use. This consideration leads to decrease their purchase intention on inferior goods such as cosmetics products.
Presented By: Trichelle A. Ekpe
Date: November 21, 2013
Professor: Paul Flemming

We will analyze the company's internal and external environment. This step is critical in establishing a long-term relationship with customers. We will be looking at the 5C's which will allow Clear Cosmetics to gain more information about the internal, macro, and micro-environmental factors within the environment.
Situation Analysis
Company Analysis
Financial Goals
Increase revenues by at least 10 percent each year.
Non-financial Goals
Enter into new geographic markets across the globe
Maintain a strong relationship with customers.
Develop a scholarship program for students to further their education.

The company’s original skin care products, foundations, eyewear, and lip wears will be unique and will meet the needs of its customers for both males and females. Every item will support the company’s slogan: “Flaws Be Gone” and will sell products with names such as cover cream, luxury pressed powder, perfect response, luminous foundation, and cream to press powder.
Customer Analysis
Research shows that the cosmetic market is growing in an increasing rate. In fact, it is in the growth stage of the product life cycle. It is mainly due to the make-up start up at an early age.
In 2007 there was a campaign for safe cosmetics. One-third of the samples exceeded the limit of lead. The affected brands included L’Oreal and Christian Dior.
Customers are now demanding more information regarding products and are becoming more aware of health issues.
Clear Cosmetics intend to provide customers with safe, natural, and organic products.
This will typically be African-American women who are single, married, young, and even old.
Competition Analysis
Political and Legal Environment
Retail stores who sell make-up products however these products are not the only products being sold.
From surveys, 90% percent of women are unsatisfied with the products that competitors offered.
Clear Cosmetics would be the only make-up store who has a main store on the island that sells directly to the consumers.
Clear Cosmetics would be able to attract customers and maintain stability in terms of selling cosmetic products.
The Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance
provides that the consumer goods supplied in the market meet the general safety requirements. If a particular cosmetic or skin product is found to have breached the requirement, first conviction penalty is $100,000 and an imprisonment of one year.

Social and Cultural Envrionment
People of St. Croix use make-up a lot for outings
even carnival. Because St. Croix is a very small
island, people are more likely to compare themselves with others
Technological Environment
The advancement of technology has created opportunities for companies including Clear Cosmetics.
Helps companies to run,improve business on both operating and promoting, and increase sales and presence in the market.
The ingredients of make-up products are more natural and safe due to the advanced technology.
Market Segmentation
The Segment Market was divided into two segments-demographics and behavior. Based on the demographic segmentation it was divided into ages- young and adults. Behavioristic was divided into beginners and advanced users. The young beginners were chosen as the target market. This age group pursue beauty and appearance. Clear Cosmetics will use differentiation strategy to advance itself as a responsible company by promoting its passion, which are against animal testing, activate self-esteem, and protect our planet. Also because of the age group pricing will be taken into deep consideration but keeping in mind to make a profit as well.
Alternative Marketing Strategies
Provide a service along with the products
Make-up lessons
Cash coupons to buy products in Clear Cosmetics.
Purchase products and enjoy a 5% off discount of any Clear Cosmetic product.
Selected Marketing Strategy
Clear Cosmetics will offer high-quality cosmetics .
Every item will support the company’s slogan: “Flaws Be Gone”.
Over the next five years, Clear Cosmetics plan to expand the product line to include natural body products. This will allow customers to be able to receive all body and cosmetic products from the same company and will be able to receive full results in appearance.
All facial products such as the foundations, cover creams, and powders will be a fixed price that ranges from $16.99-$20.99.
All lip wears and eye shadows will range from $5.99-$7.99.
While comparing the prices of Clear Cosmetics to other competitors, the prices for these products will be not only reasonable but they will also be affordable for the consumers.
Discounts will be given to Clear Cosmetics members who purchase Clear Cosmetics card. Once the card is purchased, the members will be able to purchase items from the store and gain points. For every dollar spent, points will be added.
Distribution (Place)
Clear Cosmetics will be located in Kingshill,St. Croix on the Virgin Islands on Centerline road.
Center of the island.
Away from competitors.
Direct Mailing
Radio Stations/ Television
SMS Messaging
Social Networks
Sales Forecast
Sales are expected to increase by 10 percent each year. With the increase in sales, expenseare also expected to increase in which more products will me made to distribute to customers.
Total Costs
Clear Cosmetics Store
The new make-up products of Clear Cosmetics is to create customers’ value and experience.
Clear cosmetics will motivate and inspire young women of African American Heritage to feel beautiful in their own skin while feeling confident about the make-up that they wear.
the convenience location of the store as well as other promotional options such as text messaging, social networks, and advertising, it is believed that the products of Clear Cosmetics will create value and experience to customers.
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