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Composition of the Atmosphere

Why is the atmosphere important?

Janelle Wilson

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Composition of the Atmosphere

Make a Bag of Air What Is the Composition of the Atmosphere? Page 118 Copy today's date and EQ on page 118. First of all, we need to know what weather is. Weather is the condition of the Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place. So what is the atmosphere? Earth's Atmosphere It is a thin layer of gases that surrounds the Earth.
It makes conditions on the Earth suitable for living things. Composition of the Atmosphere Nitrogen - 78% Oxygen - 21% Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen Most abundant gas in the atmosphere
78% of the air we breathe
Essential to living things - needed to grow and repair cells
Bacteria convert nitrogen from the air and then plants use it to create proteins that people and animals need. Oxygen Second most abundant gas in the air
Only 21% of the volume
Usually in the form of O2
Plants and animals use it
Important in other processes
Ozone (O3) forms when lightning interacts with Oxygen Carbon Dioxide CO2
Only in small amounts - .036%
Essential to life plants need it to make food Other Gases Called trace gases because only small amounts are present Water Vapor Particles Amount in the air varies from place to place
Plays an important role in the earth’s weather
Clouds, precipitation Pure air is only gases, but this exists only in a lab
In the real world, there are many different particles
Other chemicals Water Vapor Other Gases Particles of liquids and solids test Reflection On Page 119 in your notebook, create an advertisement for the Earth's atmosphere. Make sure it is colorful and mentions all of the atmosphere's important ingredients.
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