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SuperHero Training Camp

No description

Stacey Smith

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of SuperHero Training Camp

6-SWAP SuperHero Training Camp START END Our Philosophy, Mission and Vision Target Group Our event is strictly focusing on the children, ages 6-12 years of age, who are already registered in and attending the 2-week Kerrisdale Spring Break Camp. Market Research Kerrisdale is a vibrant community within the municipality of Vancouver, covering the areas between Granville Street (East) & Blenheim Street (West) and between 41st Avenue (North) & South-West Marine Drive (South).

1. Kerrisdale community currently boasts 2,740 families, of which 87% have at least one child

2. Two-thirds of its adult population have gone to post-secondary education

3. Household income comes in at just over $113,000.

4. Nearly 40% of its total population using English as a second language.

A. Fills the superhero void felt in the Kerrisdale community.

B. Taps into the creativity and imagination of youngsters captivated by idols such as Batman, Superman, etc.

C. Kerrisdale Community Centre is one of the busiest community centres in Vancouver with a large percentage of that foot traffic coming in the form of youngsters eager to participate in a wide array of programs from physical activity to arts & crafts.

D. The benefit of the superhero training camp event during spring break is that it meets the needs on both levels.

E. Fulfills the Mission Statement Kerrisdale Community Centre prides itself on by enhancing and promoting better community spirit.

* Local police officers from the Kerrisdale community policing station will be on hand, as will firefighters with a fire truck for kids to explore.

F. All in all, youngsters will able to participate and enjoy in a fun-filled afternoon aimed to enhance community spirit with a focus on diversity on everything from activities to even the superhero’s themselves. Goals and Objectives Program Design * Designed specifically for the Kerrisdale Spring Break Camp participants

* Different stations that will appeal to practically everyone (crafts, physical activity, information/presentations, food)

* Camp counselors and volunteers will be on hand to help supervise the kids

* The 6-SWAP members, camp counselors and volunteers will be in charge of specific stations, with someone being a floater to check in with people and deal with any issues that may arise

* Kids will be free to visit each station as they wish, but they will have a passport to complete in order to get their prize pack

* We will be using music and visual clues (the bat signal) to gather the kids together for presentations and the end of the event

* There will be decorations and costumes to help create the fun and exciting atmosphere we are looking to generate Risk Management Plan Risk Seriousness Precautions Taken

Not wanting to Make activities appealing
participate Low to all children and skill

Injury on superhero Supervision present at all
vault Medium times

Inappropriate Supervision by staff at all
Behaviour/language times. Appropriate
towards staff/ consequences given by
volunteer or another member of authority
child Medium

Falling/Tripping Medium Deal with slips and
dangers immediately

-Injury Low Emergency crew/persons
on site. All employees will be aware of dangers

Injury from craft
supplies Low Have a person trained in
first aid present

Equipment Fail Low Conduct a through check
of equipment before we us it. If still malfunctions, fix or remove immediately Budget Budget:

Income =

$150 from facility sponsor

Expense =

Banner – donated ($50 value)

Food – donated ($75 value)

Police presenter – free

Firefighter presenter – free

Comic books, buttons and action figures for give away – donated (approx. $175 value)

Room rental – free

Equipment use – free (facility has a supply for our use)

Craft supplies – free (facility has a supply for our use)

Photocopying for coloring pages - $0.05/page x 240 = $12.00

Blank masks – $4.00/pack of 10 x 7 =$28.00

$150-$40 = $110

$110 for un-expected costs or extra supplies General Info When: March 20th, 2013, from 1:45pm-3:45pm

Where: Kerrisdale Community Centre

What: Children and volunteers attending our event will have the chance to come dressed to the event as their favorite comic book superhero, or their favorite everyday superhero (Police Officer, Fireman, Etc.). Also during our event, we will have several workshop stations set-up, which will include games, a crafts table, healthy snacks, and much more!

-To allow kids the chance to come dressed as their favorite superhero for a day
-To encourage self-empowerment within kids at a young age
-To promote anti-bullying
-To promote nutrition/healthy food choices for kids
-To appreciate our everyday superheros (i.e., Police Officers, Fireman, Search & Rescue Volunteers, Nurses, Doctors, and many more superheros!)

B) Theme/Event type:

SuperHero Training Camp!

C) Clients/Sponsoring Agencies:

The Sponsors attending/sponsoring our event are as follows…

i. Vancouver Police Department (Police Car and K-9 Unit)

ii. Vancouver Fire Department (Fire Truck from Fire Hall 21B)

iii. Daves Pop Culture (Comics, pins, action figures)

iv. Gorilla G-Unit (Comic books)

v. Kerrisdale Community Centre (Budget and volunteers)

vi. Adrian at Black Tusk Deisgn (Poster) Cost Recovery Plan Needs Assessment Needs Assessment Data Plan

Basic Information

1.) Demographics:
a.)Above average income ($113,460)
b.)In 2011 there were 56,073 children aged 0-14 (This is the second largest age group in this municipality)
c.)In 2011, 188,589 residents of Kerrisdale spoke English
d.)White collar community- low industrial activity
e.)Over the decades West Van has shifted to older residents and small families
f.)Increasingly multicultural
g.)Highly educated
h.)Mature family focused community

2.) Current Activity Involvement
a.)B.C Children’s Hospital has a superhero theme
b.)Few/no comic book stores in Kerrisdale
c.)No programs like this are offered

3.) Needs and Skills Information
a.)Event will be offered to children aged 6-12 and planners will tailor programs to the needs of each age group.
b.)Participants join day camps to learn to work and play in groups
c.)Children/Youth participate to show creativity through crafts and games offered.

4.) Attitudes and Values of Consistent Groups
a.)Kerrisdale Community Centre has activities for everyone
b.)Kerrisdale Community Centre promotes diversity. (Ie. Languages, Chinese and Korean)
c.)Kerrisdale is a 60% English speaking community

External Inventory

1.) Comparative Inventory/ Environmental Resources
a.)There are not any comic based activities in Kerrisdale
b.)There are 4 comic book store in surrounding areas in Vancouver
c.)Other community centres offer spring break camps for children

2.) Social Indicators
a.)Affluent neighbourhood
b.)Spring Break (No school)
c.)Large child and youth population

3.) Social Values
a.)Healthy Living is valued in programs
b.)Creative expression is valued in youth
c.)Youth development is valued in recreation opportunities in the community

4.) Equipment and Supplies
a.)Craft supplies (masks, capes, comic books)
b.)Sports equipment (balls, cones, mats)

Internal Inventory

1.) Mission Statement of Kerrisdale Community Centre: To provide programs, activities and services that respect individual differences and enhance community spirit, while meeting the recreation and social needs of all residents in the Kerrisdale community.
a.)Superheroes respect and show individual differences in the form of super powers
b.)Enhances community spirit by bringing young people together who may not attend the same school
c.)Meets social aspect by having children work and play in groups
d.)Meets recreational needs of youth and children by exercising through fun, creative and personal enjoyment

2.) Staffing
a.)The Kerrisdale Community Centre has numerous leaders and volunteers skilled in running spring break camps

3.) Recent and Past Programs
a.)The Kerrisdale Community Centre has run successful spring break camps with high enrollment in the past
b.)The Kerrisdale Community Centres has adapted their programs to meet the different needs of each child

4.) Equipment facilities and supplies
a.)The Kerrisdale Community Centre multipurpose room and gymnasium
b.)The Kerrisdale Community Centre craft supplies
c.)The Kerrisdale Community Centre equipment that gives each child superhero powers (ex. Vault)

5.) Budgetary Issues
a.)We have a $150 spending budget if needed
b.)Cannot charge admission or extra cost due to pre planned camp Tentative Day Plan **We have not decided who will do any of the tasks yet, but we will**

12:45pm- arrive at facility to start setting up

* Gather equipment from facility’s supply for obstacle course

* Set up the obstacle course

* Gather craft supplies from facility’s supply

* Set up the tables with all the craft supplies

* Set up a table for the snacks and drinks

* Set up the banner and other posters

* Set up our music and test the sound system

* Check the lights and try out the bat signal

* Make sure the area for the fire truck to park is clearly marked off and empty for when it arrives

* Get changed into our costumes

* Do a quick run through with the group and any volunteers who are helping to make sure everyone knows what they are doing and to answer any last minute questions

1:45pm- event starts

* Give an introduction of event and who we are

* Once the introduction is over, let the kids go and do what they want to do

* When it’s time for the presentations we will gather the kids up

**Throughout the event our group will be supervising all the stations, working with the camp leaders and volunteers to make sure the kids are safe and having a good time, as well as making sure everything is safe and running on track**

3:30pm- signal the end of the event is coming up

* Help to finish off craft projects

* Start a clean up

3:40pm- gathers all the kids together to thank them for coming and to hand out the evaluations. Once the evaluation forms are handed, back the kids get a gift bag.

3:45pm- event is done

* Clean up

* Return equipment and supplies

* Final sweep of the room to make sure it is just as good or better than when we arrived.

* Thank Kristi and the volunteers

The group goes to celebrate, possibly still in our costumes! Promotion Plan Promotion Plan:

Our group’s event is for the children enrolled in the spring break camp at the Kerrisdale Community Centre. It is not open to the public so we do not need to do a lot of promotion. We have flyers to give to the kids on the first day of the camp explaining the event and reminding them to bring costumes, and we will be doing that in person and in costume. Evaluations Group Evaluation Super Hero Training Camp special event

6swap group evaluation

How do you think the event went? POOR AVERAGE GOOD

How do you think you performed during the event? POOR AVERAGE GOOD

How did you feel after the event? POOR AVERAGE GOOD

Did you think you contributed your fair share of work? POOR AVERAGE GOOD

Do you think everything went according to planned? POOR AVERAGE GOOD

What did you like about the event?


What didn’t you like about the event ?


What are some positive suggestions for change?

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Adults Evaluation Super Hero Training Camp special event


Thank you for taking the time out to fill this evaluation out. Please fill out evaluation to the best of your knowledge. Your input is greatly appreciated.

How did you feel this event was managed?



Kid’s involvement POOR AVERAGE GOOD



Did the group members offer leadership qualities POOR AVERAGE GOOD

Was the group co-operating with each other? POOR AVERAGE GOOD

Was the group working well with the patrons? POOR AVERAGE GOOD

Did the group adjust to any setbacks quickly? POOR AVERAGE GOOD

Do you think the activities and this relevant and appropriate for this specific group of?

Kids. NO YES

Please Comment:


Did you enjoy yourself at this event: NO MAYBE YES


Would you come to an event like this again? NO MAYBE YES


Would you work with the event planners again? NO MAYBE YES


What station was your favourite station?


What other stations would you have like to see?


What are some positive suggestions for change?


Do you like Batman or Superman (Please circle one) BATMAN SUPERMAN Philosophy:

Our group believes that through respect of all opinions and attributes we can achieve our full potential.


To have self-empowerment through an atmosphere that encourages diversity and community.


“Nowhere but up!”

We are always striving for success. Program Evaluation PROGRAM EVALUATION:

Please fill out the assessment program for the best of your ability. Ten representing maximal activity and one representing minimal participation or activity. We appreciate you taking the time for giving your input and helping us improve the needs of people in crossfit programs.

1. Did you enjoy the event?

2. Is the facility clean & well-maintained?
Poor /Great

3. Is The Facility Staff and Professional & Helpful?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Is The Student-Leader Ratios are appropriate? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Is the camp held at Convenient Times? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Was the camp organized and well run? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Is the camp meeting your Expectations? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

What are some positive suggestions for change for the classes and the program?



Are the leaders knowledgeable? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Are the leaders enthusiastic? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Are the leaders easy to understand? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Are the leaders easy to hear? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Are the leaders approachable? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Do the leaders start and end on time? No/ sometimes /yes

Display an open and friendly attitude? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

What are some positive suggestions for change for the leaders? _______________________

Do you think the leaders could have done anything to make the experience more worth while ?
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Self Evaluation How did the event make you feel?
Felt nothing/ Felt ok/ Felt great

Would you recommend this event to your friends?


Please list 2 things that you liked about the program or the class?

Please list some positive suggestions for changes
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kids Evaluation Thank you for taking the time out to fill this evaluation out. Please fill out evaluation to the best of your knowledge. Your input is greatly appreciated.
Please circle One:
Did you have fun at the event? Yes/ NO
Did you like the fire truck? Yes/ NO
Did you like the police officer? Yes/ NO
Would you tell this event to your friends? Yes/ NO
Would you come to this event again? Yes/ NO

What was your favorite station that you participated in today?

Comic book writing

Obstacle course

Cape making

What station did you not like?

Comic book weighting

Obstacle course

Cape making

What would you have like to see at this event that you didn’t see?
What would you like to change about this event?
If you can be any super hero who would you be?

Do you like Batman or Superman? (Please circle one)
BATMAN SUPERMAN Formative Evaluation Formative Evaluation

The formative evaluation will be conducted during the implementation process of the kid’s special event. The evaluation will be conducted as the event is forming into its own. This evaluation will be continues and ongoing. As the event is taking place we will be making adjusts accordingly to the special event. We will make changes according to the special event being formed.

While the event forming points that we will keep in mind are:

* Are following our mission statement and executing our objectives accordingly.

* If a child or children are and seem distant or not participating in the project

* Children are beginning to engage in unacceptable behaviour.

* A camp councillor is having trouble understanding or guiding their children.

* How is the event going right now?

* Do we need to make it better or is everything fine.

* Other than doing my job is there anything I can do better than can make this event better.

These are just some examples of the questions that will be asked in the formative evaluation while the event is occurring. In the formative evaluation we will be acting on the fly. We will keep the above points in mind and watch for any curve balls so we can adjust accordingly making the best kids event in kerrisdale history. -Bake sale
-Shoot a-thon
-Car Wash
(6 students with a plan) Presented by: Objectives:

Children, volunteers, and ourselves will come to the event dressed as comic book Superheros or everyday superheros
There will be several stations set up at the event, encouraging self-empowerment and FUN! This includes...
crafts station to encourage creativity
nutrition station providing healthy snacks for participants, in order to encourage healthy eating habits
bullying awareness station
Vancouver Police Department station and Surrey RCMP K9 Unit station
Vancouver Fire Department 21 B will have a Firetruck viewing station
Obstacle course(s) and sport(s) station(s) will be set up in the gynmasium to encourage physical activity
Prizes station will be set up for participants so that once they have completed a certain amount of tasks, they can receive a prize (i.e., comic book, mini action figures, or superhero pins) or a goody bag at the end of the event Our goal is to help kids have an appreciation for very day super heroes as well as self-empowering the kids through fun and informative activities. Timeline January 17th -group contract handed in to Shannon wall
-every one receives a copy
-Brainstrom ideas what special event to run
-Phases assigned
-Individual tasks assigned 6-SWAP (6 Students With A Plan)


RECR 1168

Our contact list will be attached to this contract on a separate sheet.

Meeting Times:

* Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 12:30-2pmish in G103

* Sundays at 6:30-7pm on our Facebook Group page

A Minimum of 4 people equals a meeting

How our Group Will Operate:

Our group will try and come to decisions through compromise and voting with majority rulings. If there is an issue that cannot be resolved through those methods, we will seek third party mediation. A third party mediator could be an instructor (Shannon) or a class member who is not in our group (Josh).

TJ and Tara have volunteered to be the people who do one-on-one Check In’s with a group member who is struggling.

A group member should not miss more than one (1) meeting a week, unless an acceptable medical occurrence/condition or a family emergency.

If a group member is going to be late for a meeting, or will miss the meeting altogether, they must call to let the rest of the group know. It will be the responsibility of the person who has missed the meeting to get updated with the results and new tasks from the meeting.

DEADLINES MUST BE MET! If it is looking like the deadline will not be met, the group must be informed so we can take appropriate action to get the deadline met.


In the event that our group loses money, we will fundraise as a group to get the money together. We will split the deficit equally between all 6 members.

Fundraising ideas are a bake sale, car wash, selling chocolate bars, etc.…

How our group will treat each other:

* Honest Communication
* Constructive/Helpful ideas and criticisms
* Check In’s before the meeting starts
* Check Out’s before the meeting is over
* Everyone will have a chance to make their case if they feel strongly about an idea

Three Strike Policy:

*A strike consists of; missing more than one meeting in a week, without a valid medical reason, not meeting a deadline for the task assigned, and being negative, detrimental, and harmful to the group and our goal.

* First Strike= one-on-one meet with TJ and/or Tara to discuss issues and options

* Second Strike= group meet to discuss issues and options

* Third Strike= possibility of being kicked out of group (must meet with Shannon and the Phase leader to discuss options)

Phase 1 Leader- Amman Bhogal
Phase 2 Leader- Demitri Harris
Phase 3 Leader- TJ Shukla
Phase 4 Leader- Stacey Smith
Phase 5 Leader- Tara Perkins
Phase 6 Leader- Melissa Lebus


TARA PERKINS__________________________
AMMAN BHOGAL_________________________
DEMITRI HARRIS__________________________
MELISSA LEBUS___________________________
STACEY SMITH____________________________
TJ SHUKZ________________________________ January 21st Melissa completes sponsorship proposal
Worked on mission statement
reviewed contract from Shannon [RECIPIENT NAME] [RECIPIENT TITLE] [RECIPIENT FIRM] [RECIPIENT ADDRESS] [RECIPIENT CITY ,STATE, ZIP] Dear [insert sponsor name here], Langara Colleges’ 6 Students With A Plan (6-SWAP) group invites you to become a sponsor for our annual Spring-Break for Superhero’s Day to benefit [who do we want to benefit?] The primary source of funding for Spring-break for Superhero’s day is from local sponsors, such as yourself. The Spring-Break for Superhero’s day receives no governmental funds. This exciting event will be held on March 18th, from [what time until when?], at [facility to be determined]. It is a special day for kids and youth to dress up as their favoured superhero within an artificial, outdoor setting. Kids, youth, and their families will have the opportunity to learn self-defence exercises; learn about how to approach bullying situations; we will have just-for-fun superhero battles; play at an arts and craft tables; have a picnic style lunch indoors with their family(s); and a costume contest will be held throughout the event as well. Also, we will be appreciating our everyday, real superhero’s, such as Police Officers, Fireman, Paramedics, Search and Rescue Personal, Disaster Relief Volunteers, and many more hero’s of the local community. Our group is hoping that we will be able to have these everyday superhero’s make a special appearance at the event, but this is still to be determined. As you may be aware, Langara Colleges’ Recreation Leadership Diploma Program students has provided several special events to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia for the past several years. The funds provided by this event will be given towards [who do we want to give the funds to? Children’s Hospital?]. Your sponsorship will help assure the success of Spring-Break for Superhero’s day. Enclosed please find more information on this exciting event and its sponsorship levels. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, Melissa Lebus (778)385.4774 January 28th Questions for programmer
Tara gears up to get contract signed by kristi January 29th contract signed with kristi February 8th Needs and Risk Assessments done by Demi and Stacey February 18th
group members assigned to 9 steps
discussed equipment and costume ideas
talked about banner
cost recovery ban bake sale bottle drive or shoot a thon
Oral presentation discussed February 21st Presentation talk
Costumes yes
New deadline for Individual tasks february 22nd February 24th rehearse presentation
Finalize presentation END March 11th Have all sponsors and presenters confirmed and agreed to March 12-19th finalize any last minute details or tasks
Full transcript