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Security Firms

The term "security" is defined broadly to include a wide array of investments such as stocks, bonds, notes, debentures,

David Mooney

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Security Firms

By; Dan Maia & David Mooney Security Firms The term "security" is broadly to include a wide array of investments such as bonds, stock, notes and indebtures. What does a Secuirty Firm do? A firms main purpose is to render investment advice
and financial planning services to individuals,
businesses and governments. Financial Advisor The investor is assisgned a Financial Advisor within the chosen security firm can be anyone
whose vocation is consulting with clients with an intent to better their financial situation Benefits of having a Financial Advisor UNDERSTANDING YOUR NEEDS It is your Financial Advisor's job to gain a through understanding
of your short and long term goals, and to develop the appropriate
investment strategies. To do so, he or she will work with you to
define your risk tolerance, financial needs, and time horzon for investing Personal Relationship Creditable Source There are comission fees that come along with a Security Firm, however, it is the best investment that any investor, can do for oneself. Because your advisor has been trained in this field and has had hands on expierence. Where As If you were to be a "private investor" you are substainable to
all of the risk yourself and may not have the knowledge or
expertise to be profitable in your investment.
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