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Pew Research on the Presidential Campaigns

Using data from national public opinion surveys, Pew Research Center has tracked the shifts in public views on the issues, the makeup of the electorate and how the campaigns are engaging voters.

Pew Research

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Pew Research on the Presidential Campaigns

2012 How Has America Changed? A Pew Research Center presentation on voters and their views of the nation. ...But they now care less about other issues Voters have shifted towards the Republicans, reducing the Democrats’ advantage of voters now say they prefer a smaller federal government that provides fewer services say China is now the world's leading economic power But Latinos strongly favor the Democrats of white Catholic voters now identify as or lean Republican White voters from all major religious groups
have shifted toward the Republican Party 50% Social media has become a popular platform for political campaigns... Every election provides an opportunity to see what's changed about our country, its direction and the values of the American people Get the latest non-partisan data and analysis from the Pew Research Center For a complete list of data sources go to http://bitly.com/bundles/pewresearch/g
in 2008 46% of people who use social networking sites consider them important for keeping up with political news 36% 1-in-10 'dual screened' the first presidential debate, watching it live on television while monitoring a computer or mobile device Democrats and Republicans are more polarized today than at any point in the last 25 years There are wide differences in political values, especially over the role of government in 2008 26% 41% 56% say it's 'very important' to their vote, just as in 2008 in 2008 41% Public views of Congress are near record lows 87%
Up from Up from Up from The economy remains the dominant concern for voters... Americans are less confident about the nation's place in the global economy Republicans now have a 20-point advantage over Democrats among white males Up 9 points since 2008 ISSUES ELECTORATE CAMPAIGN 2 million people 'like' the presidential candidates on Facebook Up from only

in 2008 41 million Over now view Congress unfavorably 65% 51% up from in 2008 ...but they mostly deliver their own messages, rather than respond to their followers
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