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No description

Ayite Jr

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of SWEDEN

By Ayite JR
Average Income: 26,242
Economic Base
Ethnic Groups: Swedish,Finnish,Asian,Yugoslav
(swedish is the majority)
Top 5 languages:Swedish,Finnish,Estonian,German,Croatian
Social pt.2
Most played sport: Soccer
Economic Trend: Growing
Major Companies: Volvo AB, Erricson,Vattenfall
Historical immigration and Settlement: During WWII, People from Germany,Denmark,Scandinavia,Finland migrated to Sweden.
Top 3 religions:Lutherean Christianity,Islam,Other
Head of political system: Prime Minister Stefan Löfven
Current Capital:Stockholm
Previous Capital:Uppsala
Type of Government:Parliamentary Democratic Monarchy
KING of Sweden:Carl XVI Gustaf
Population Distribution: 25 Provinces
Physical Features
The Klarälven River begins at lake Rogen flows through Norway and passes into Sweden largest lake Vänern, from there it flows out and is known as Göta älv-Klarälven and the longest river in Sweden and Scandinavia
Kebnekaise- Sweden's highest Mt Range at 2,117
Tourism Destination
Mälaren: Tye 3rd largest lake in Sweden it drains into the Baltic sea and is Visited because of it is home to Sigtuna, which is famous for being the first ever town in Sweden.
Climates of the Country
sweden averages 13 to 17°C .Winter tempatures can drop to -30°C. Sweden has a Milder climate than other Northern Countries due to the gulf stream so most of the time is pretty warm.
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