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Career Shadowing Project

No description

Simone Sykes

on 9 November 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing Project

Philip O Brian Elementary Simone Sykes
2nd period The Purpose for the company is to provide children a place to learn and have a safe environment I think the company in 15 years will probably be the same or it will become something better or worse The employability skills for this job is, you have to follow the rules, be on time, listen to one another, be respectful, The average salary is $20,000 and higher The education needed is a two year degree in AA Technology: Genises,outlook,SAP skills:
*dress Appropriately
*Speak clearly
*Know what you're talking about What I liked best about this job was I got to help out the librarians and the technology teacher, and lunch time What I disliked about this job is You have to wake up early, and hear parents complain about random stuff I might would want to pursue this career because I would want to help out children One of the Librarians One poster in the Library Half of the library Another poster in the library
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