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25 Link

25 Links f

Trent Blizzard

on 18 November 2009

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Transcript of 25 Link

25 Link SERS SERS ( Search Engine Results Saturation) Links
are meant to show up in direcly in Google
when someone searches for you.
Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Rocks in Google!
Don't Believe the Hype
Quick and Dirty VS Do It Right Your Twitter Account will show up in Google
Twitter is faster and easier than facebook
Own your name! LinkedIn offers business listings
LinkedIn does very well for your personal name and your business name.
LinkedIn is a great place to network... professionally. Links Are HUGE!

Expert Believe that 66% of Google's Overall Ranking Algorithm is derived from links.

Experts Believe that 4 of the top 5 Ranking Factors are links and linking
Goal for next 60 minutes:

Show you 25 listings every VRM should seek out and obtain If you want to learn more about Links, check out two webinars:

How Page Rank and Link Popularity Work

How To Get Good Listings and Links SEO
Favorites Links Favored Among the SEO Crowd
BOTW.org - BestoftheWeb
DMOZ.org 3 6 UGC User Generated Content (UGC) websites not only come up in Google, they also feed their information to other sites. Flickr Tips:

Write long descriptions for some of your photos.

Put in all of your contact information
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