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PSY 633

Mikhael Star

on 23 May 2010

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Transcript of Mindset

Retention Transfer we lose 1/3 Academic Probation Suspension Personal 100 500 200 250 350 We Lose 1/3 Clean up admissions FIXED Avoid challenge FAILURE means I don't have enough intelligence
...and that can't be changed-- so what's wrong is ME the goal is to LOOK SMART Intelligence is a fixed quantity
...you have it or you don't Give up Trying hard (effort) is a bad sign Lie if you have to I feel upset, ashamed at my failure,
angry that I couldn't have done better,
and even a little depressed.
Basically, I think my GPA sucks, ergo, I suck.
I value grades over education, which is wrong Intelligence can be developed
...you can always create more the goal is to LEARN FAILURE means I need to put in more effort Trying hard (effort) means I'm learning MORE Challenge is opportunity Persistence pays off GROWTH MINDSET Social Cognitive meaning system Goal Theories of Personality I feel I can do much better in school.
It's still hard for me to accept the fact
that I have a C on my transcript, but I look
at my grades and I am inspired to do well...
And despite my grades, I feel like I've learned a lot. Responses to one C on transcript Attribution Theory Vincent Tinto
Leaving College
Change classroom environment
Faculty development
Faculty resources Alexander Astin
Theory of Involvement
"My newest agenda is that we
need to get more into knowing
who we are, being aware of our beliefs,
of the things that drive us and make us do what we do."
Next to depression, the best-known application of learned helplessness is to school achievement Manipulate? ...yes Intervene? ...yes NAU 100 In-class unit
Group 1 Group 2
Control Experimental vs. Control
higher grades term 1 and 2
fewer probation term 1 and 2
ferser suspsencion term 2
more positive self reprots
more service usage Group 1 vs Group 2
different midterm grades Carol Dweck
Implicit Theories
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