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Pop Music

Timelilne of how Pop Music developed.

Jessica MacCallum

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Pop Music

Pop Music Timeline Inventions Yankee Doodle Modern Pop African Influence African Influence Ragtime Minstrel Shows Ragtime Composers 18th century 21st Century 1940 Singable
Feel good
Catchy before we get started new music style developed in the south
more rhythmically developed
eventually leads to ragtime, blues, jazz etc.
music used for entertainment in cakewalks and minstrel shows developed from cakewalk music when a man tried to mimic entire cakewalk band, single handed, on the piano hired black musicians or white musicians with face painted black
traveled around country playing popular music of the day (ragtime, blues, cakewalk, folk etc.
people would then buy sheet music of the songs they liked to they could play it at home Minstrel Shows 1890 Castle house rag
Castle walk
Black bottom
etc. Dance 's of Ragtime Industry started making $25 000 a week Boom in sheet music Tin Pan Alley Hired composers to make a steady flow of new popular songs to sell as sheet music
Gave start to 'Golden Age Composers like Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin etc
1913 Billboard magazine- published weekly count of top songs
'Alexander's Rag Time Band' by Irving Berlin was #2 song in the first week of publishing Irving Berlin (Izzy) immigrated to New York
ran away from home at age 13
sold newspapers on streets
got job as singing waiter in China town
taught himself to play the piano
wrote simpler music
composer and lyricist
king of Ragtime
love ballads, musical's, pop songs
1500 songs and 17 musicals
doesn't know how to write down music Blue Skies composer and lyricist
wrote best music of his time
born rich, married rich
party animal and heart throb
wrote more complex music with chromaticism
wrote for big bands(and vocal, microphone)
lyrics risque Cole Porter career 20's to 40's Career 1916 to 1936 George Gershwin Jazz composer
worked with brother(Ira-lyricist)
composed best songs on Broadway and Hollywood musicals (Porgy and Bess)
brought Jazz Rhythms into concert halls (Rhapsody in Blue)
died 1937 from brain tumor Radio Musical Inventions Microphone Phonograph singers had to project voices
could only have minimal accompaniment BEFORE AFTER enabled new technique of singing popular songs
can now have large accompaniment (Big Bands) 1927 1877 all over market by 1924
records now sold everywhere
popularity of music measured by number of albums sold music can now have overnight success
programs would play new hit songs
DJ ing developed Big Band Singers Big Band Singers 1960 2000 Dance music popular
Big bands provided cheap, danceable entertainment
now accompanied singers(microphones)
many big name singers were discovered through big bands
ex. Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra A. Jolson B. Streisand 1970 Elton John Michael Jackson Madonna Disney 1980 Boy Girl Bands Youtube Crooners •Musical prodigy
•Started performing in pubs
•Wrote pop songs for other singers
•Quite the performer
•Activist and humanitarian
•Writes music for movies and musicals Elton John 1972-2009 Michael Jackson Considered the King of Pop
Part of the Jackson 5, then moved into a solo career in his teenage years
Second solo album 'Thriller' sold over 100 million copies
first black artist on MTV to create a fan base with his image rather than against it
part of Jackson 5, then later produced albums such as Off the Wall and Thriller
noted for his dancing and footwork Madonna BoyBands •Promote “girl power”
•Early on, women formed all-girl bands to promote feminism; played hard metal, etc
•Moving into the 90’s, pop girl bands were often manufactured to appeal to a certain audience or trend
•Sex appeal
•Started to reflect similar ideals as boy bands Girl Bands •Ruled music industry in 80’s to early 2000’s
•Sold millions of records, major tours around the world
•Audience: teenagers Backstreet Boys •Key Hot 100 Hit: "Quit Playing Games With My Heart"
•The first group to send seven albums to the top 10 on the Billboard 200
•Other major hits: "I Want It That Way" and "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)” Hanson Brothers •Key Hot 100 Hit: "Mmmbop" (No. 1 for three weeks)
•Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson earned three Grammy nominations
•22 weeks on the Hot 100 chart for single "Middle of Nowhere."
•Fun-or-maybe-not Fact: Set to tour Canada with "Call Me Maybe" singer Carly Rae Jepsen later this year •“pioneered a genre”

•Hits: We Got the Beat

•without the aid of outside composers, session players or creative compromise (Atypical for the boyband/girlband concept)

•Good role models for a generation of pop-rock lovers

•Melded The Beatles and Ramones defiant attitude, distinct personalities, 60’s garage band grit, 70’s glamour, and good-girl personas Spice Girls •British pop girl group formed in 1994
•The group comprised five members
•Manufactured by producers who held auditions for 5 spots
•Mid-1996, debut single 'Wannabe' landed with all the force of a “nuclear girl-power bomb drop”
•Carefully orchestrated pop career was a change from guitar-based Britpop wars that were raging at the time
•Songs were upbeat, fun, simple, repetitive, sexual
•Appealed to the young demographic all around the world The Go Go's •new media source
Many using Youtube to get noticed
•Justin Bieber
•Karmin Youtube •Mother posted videos of him singing
•His now manager flew him to Atlanta
•Met Usher and signed to Island records Justin Bieber Before After •Fan started posting videos
•Performed on both Ellen and Oprah
•Getting recognized by many in the industry
•Signed with Reprise Records Charice Before After •Engaged couple posted videos of their covers
•Had released two EP’s, neither successful
•Performed on Ellen, video on Ryan Seacrest’s blog
•Signed with Epic Records Karmin Known as the 'Material Girl ' after her song
her image rather than her musical ability kept her popular; she adapted her style to new trends
Her image was influences by Marilyn Monroe
set the bar for the next generation of stars: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc
She was not only a performer, but had a bit of an acting career
wrote an X-rated book called 'Sex' which created a controversy
Her song, 'Like a Virgin' skyrocketed her to fame Jessica, Zoë, Claire, Eva, Kiera and Marissa WHY? Disney Disney Career 1910 to 1970 "Spice Up Your Life"
by The Spice Girls Musical Example Posh will be played by Zoë
Ginger will be played by Claire
Baby Spice will be played by Jessica
Scary Spice will be played by Kiera
Sporty Spice will be played by Eva ENJOY!! artists immediately rising to fame with Disney
Disney artists flooding industry since 2000 Disney 2000 to present music played through Radio Disney
owns multiple recording studios
owns/operates many social media networks Disney Resources has clean image and positive messages
parents approve
still 'cool' and relevant for teens
ex. Cheetah Girls Family Friendly actors from shows also double up as singers
ex. Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato
music is heavily integrated with the Disney shows and movies
ex. High School Musical Multi-Talented Stars examples Jonas Brothers
released an album when with Columbia Records
no success until with Disney, in 2007
won over 40 awards
sold over 8 million albums worldwide
had acting roles in movies
given their own TV show
embody the ideal Disney star image:
light, catchy songs
“wholesome” image
good-looking •It has connotations to lullabies; soft, soothing, and intimate.
•A male singer of pop standards; usually sings in a sentimental or emotional style
•Often backed by a big band, full orchestra or piano
•Coincided with the advent of radio shows
•1928 Rudy Vallée was the most popular in the style Frank Sinatra Al Jolson Barbra Streisand is classified as jazz or contemporary, she shares many qualities with Frank Sinatra
big bands
background in Broadway big band vocalist, first 'Pop Star'
One of the top vocalists
expressed his emotions and thoughts through music
Fly Me to the Moon big band
adept as expressing their emotions and thoughts through music
background in Broadway before after
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