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the question

No description

Jack liskowich

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of the question

How did the germans define who was Jewish? They would use your family lines to see if you were Jewish or not. If you had three or more Jewish grandparents you were classified a Jew. Also if you were married to a Jew then you were also classified as a Jew. If a person married to some on with a Jewish grandperant than both of them were Jewish in the eyes of the law. Those people who had less than three Jewish Grandparents were called hybrids they could also be know as Mischling. The people with only two Jewish grandparents were first class Mishling people. People with only one Jewish grandparents were a second class of Mishling. Even though these people were not Jewish they were looked at as a Jew by the German Law. They were also classified a Jew by their facail features, like the size of their nose and face. The answer to this question is they would use someones family tree and their facial features to prove that they are Jewish. The End
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