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El Ártico

No description

Clases Aula24LMS

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of El Ártico

Profesor Enrique Batiz
¿Puedes imaginar un lugar tan frío que la mayor parte del tiempo está cubierto de nieve?

Identifican las condiciones de vida en el Ártico y sus animales observando fotografías
La parte de arriba y la de abajo de la Tierra son las partes más frías. A la parte de arriba se le llama el Ártico. Ahí es donde está el Polo Norte.
Aprendizaje Esperado
Oso Polar
La piel de este oso es repelente al agua y tiene debajo una capa de grasa que lo protege del frío.
The walrus has strong back flippers to move through the water and large tusks to hook into the ice
Arctic Fox
This fox turns white to blend in with the snow.
It has sharp theet and claws that can dig for food.
Beluga Whale
This mammal makes lots of noise!
The sounds bounce off objects and help the Beluga find food and locate holes in the ice so that they can breathe.

It has a layer of blubber that holds the heat in the body.
They spend a lot of time in the cold water.

Snowy Owl
IIt builds nests on the ground because there are no trees.
The owl has very good eyesight.

Snow Geese
Snow geese are strong flyers and move to the frozen area to start a family.
In the winter they fly south. That is how this animal adapts.

Wolverines are very mean. They spray any leftover food with a terrible odor so no other animal will bother the food.

Arctic Wolf
The Arctic wolf can go for long periods without food. It has good senses of smell, sight and hearing.

The coat of the caribou has hollow hair making for easier floating in the water.
The hair is also thick and kinky to keep it warm.

Hope to see you soon!
Where it lives?
What do you need to go to the Arctic?
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