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Mechanical Engineering

No description

Madison Swan

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Mechanical Engineering


A Presentation by Madison Swan
What is
Mechanical Engineeering?
A Sample of Classes
University of Kentucky
Mechanical Engineering
Problem Solving
Construction and use of machines
Very flexible profession
Variety of fields to go into
Consumer goods
Materials and Metals
The are 3 schools in Kentucky that offer degrees in mechanical engineering
Western Kentucky University
University of Kentucky
University of Louisville
At least a Bachelor's Degree is required
Can take 4-5 years
No higher degree is required
Calculus I-IV
Fluid Mechanics
Core Classes
Heat transfer
Electric cicuts and electronics
Computer science and design
68.5% Acceptance Rate
Only school in Kentucky rated in the top 100 best engineering schools in America
So what does
a mechanical
engineer do?
conduct research
and analyze
Develop new
Overall, improve the
standard of living for all
I have been accepted to the University of Kentucky and will be attending the College of Engineering there in the fall.
After College
Qualities of a Good Engineer
Creative problem solver
Math and science
Have good communication
Hard worker
Work well in a
Want to make the
world better
1-2 years
Meant to make sure of competency
Entry Level Work
Usually working under a senior mechanical engineer
Continuing learning practical applications
Starting salary - $58,600
After a few years of entry level work and training, one can take a test to become a certified mechancial engineer
Job Facts
Average salery- $80,000 annualy
Top salery- close to $100,000 annualy
Job outlook is only growing by 9%
Ford, Toyota, Boeing, LG&E, Lexmark, Clorox
I interviewed Nathan Mayberry from C&I Engineering in Louisville, KY.
No two days on the job are the same
It takes a lot of work, but it is worth it

"You will always have a job. It may not be located where you might prefer, but you will always have one.
Any Questions?
High salary
Wide variety of fields
to go into
Job security
Math and science
Slower than average job growth
Long hours
Takes a lot of work to receive degree
Need very good communication skills
Why do I want to be
a mechanical engineer?

I Want To Change The World
When you become a mechanical engineer, the basis of your whole job is to make the world better for others.
Not only will I get to design cool new products, I also get to redesign older things and improve them.

I want to be responsible for creating the future everyone dreams of
“When I was seven, I taped a fork to a drill. … It had a profound effect on me. It sounds silly, but I thought, ‘Okay, the way the world works can be changed.’”
— Jay Silver
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