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Z for Zacheriah

No description

Atiya Rehman

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Z for Zacheriah

A nuclear bomb is an explosive device that uses a combination of fusion and fission, which are nuclear reactions. When they both work together, they give off massive quantities of energy. When a nuclear bomb explodes it then gives off those massive amounts of radiation and energy, which can literally wipe out an entire city. Radiation poisoning is extremely dangerous to living organisms, such as us humans. Radiation poisoning can penetrate cells and cause chemical damage. The severity of the effects depends on how much radiation you are exposed to. The first symptoms to radiation poisoning are nausea and vomiting, which are just mild symptoms. Hairloss and fever are some moderate symptoms. some severe symptoms are a high fever, diarrhea and death. Isn't is frightning to know that radiation poisoning causes death? Mr.Loomis says to Ann that he saw birds circling to the west when she was leaving the valley. (O'Brien pg. 248) Mr.Loomis goes to the store and locks the doors with padlocks so Ann can't enter and use valuables that will help her survive in the cave. (O'Brien pg. 216) Mr.Loomis feels that Ann will try to steal the safe suit and escape from the valley, leaving him alone and forgotten. (O'Brien pg. 246) Mr.Loomis sees Ann sneaking from beside the store, he then "thinks" that Ann is living in the store and soon goes there attempting to kill her with his gun. (O'Brien pg. 212-213) Ann hears Mr.Loomis speaking to Edward in his sleep. (O'Brien pg. 75-76) Ann sees that the Stranger, which is Mr.Loomis, is going into the radioactive water, yet Ann chooses not to warn him because she is afraid he might kill her. (O'Brien pg. 30-31) Ann says to Mr.Loomis that in order to stop her from leaving the valley he will have to kill her. (O'Brien pg.247) Ann goes to church everyday to pray for Mr.Loomis because he became very ill after swimming in the radioactive water that he thought was safe to swim in.
(O'Brien pg. 123) Before I read the book Z for Zachariah I agreed that there would be no survivors of a nuclear war. Afterward, when the book had begun, I disagreed with that statement because Ann herself was a survivor of the Nuclear War and so was Mr.Loomis. Mr.Loomis was protected by his safe suit and Ann was protected by the valley. This is why, after reading the book, I disagreed with the statement, "There would be no survivors in a nuclear war." Before reading this book I thought that it would be devastating to be the only person left in the world. You would be all alone and there would be no one to talk to or even look at. I thought it would be extremely depressing. After reading I realized that Ann's life had only gotten worse when Mr.Loomis arrived. After going into the radioactive water he got very sick and Ann had to take care of him. When he slowly got better he thought he had become the owner of the valley and even tried to kill her, not only once but many times. This eventually led her to leave her valley and look for another place when, most likely, there was no chance. This is the reason why I now think that there are worse things than being the last person on Earth. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_weapon http://www.livestrong.com/article/74118-effects-radiation-poisoning/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_weapon Bibliography http://www.livestrong.com/article/74118-effects-radiation-poisoning/ Done by... THANKS FOR WATCHING
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