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How to get great-looking maps on your site.

Alan Palazzolo

on 26 February 2010

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Transcript of openlayers_drupal_v02

Understanding Mapping in Drupal
with OpenLayers Map Presets ctools plugins What is OpenLayers? Web Mapping Javascript Library
Free (BSD License)
Originally by MetaCarta
openlayers.org Open Street Map What is the OpenLayers Drupal module? Build Maps with Drupal-friendly objects.
Export with Features.
Integrate with popular Drupal structures.
User-friendly. Architecture and API Layer Types Behaviors Styles Layers Settings Building Maps OpenLayers Source Hosted version from openlayers.org
Compiled version Set CSS path
Set Image path Preset Default What map to use by default. Layers Layer Instances Layer Settings Layer Types API Keys
Library files KML
etc. OpenStreeMap Mapnik Tiles Vector Layer Views data, points, lines, etc. Google Tiles Behaviors Behaviors are varous features and functions of a map, from popups to keyboard controls to zooming. Attribution
Pop Up
Layer Switcher
Mouse Position
ZoomBox Styles Styles are how vector features look,
like points/markers, lines, etc. Map Presets Map settings Layers Behaviors Styles Map! Storage Code Database Image Path CSS Path Proxy Path Center and Zoom Map Projection The absolute Drupal, or full URL to a directory of image overrides for the OpenLayers interface. The absolute Drupal, or full URL to a directory of css files to override the OpenLayers interface. As Javascript is not allowed to get data from a different domain, a proxy is needed if you want to pull data from external sources. The new adds native support for an HTTP proxy in Drupal! Proxy module Either using a helper map or manually entering in textbox, you can easily set the default center point and zoom levels. The map projection determines what layers are avialable and obviously the projection of the map itself.
The display projection determines how features and other interactions are handled.
Overall, you don't need to change these. About CCK Views Filters yourmodule/
layer_class_name.js yourmodule.module Layers are defined in a hook are basically
instances of layer type classes. Map Presets are simply defined in a hook. yourmodule.module Layer Types are defined as a class and
Javascript processor. Styles are defined in a hook and are a collection of visual properties. yourmodule.module hook_openlayers_styles_info() Variable styles coming soon to 2.x hook_openlayers_presets() Map Array hook_openlayers_layers_info() hook_openlayers_layer_types() Layer Type Class Layer Type Javascript Handler yourmodule/
behavior_class_name.js hook_openlayers_behaviors() Behavior Class Behaviors Javascript Handler Behaviors are classes that manage the settings and PHP with a javascript handler to provide functionality. All main objects are ctools plugins.
Easy to store, override, clone, import, export.
Built-in Features integration.
Less code. At it's core, the Drupal OpenLayers module
aims to provide a Drupal-friendly way of
creating maps and integrating with data
in Drupal Module Versions 0.x Alpha
Built for Managing News
Discontinued/Unsupported 1.x 1.0-RC1 (1.0 soon)
First draft.
No new features. 2.x Major architectural changes.
Major UI improvements.
Managing News is using.
This presentation. How You can Help Testing.
Support. Drupal Input Filter By using specific syntax, you can easily put map presets directly into content simple macro inline map WKT Field WKT (well-known text) is used to store points, lines, or polygons which can be inputted via the mapping interface as a CCK field WKT Map Editor Formatter Don't forget to set your field display, which can be any map. Views Data Layer Views Map Display Using views, you can provide an overlay layer of geographical data to map presets. Views Display Plugin Views Style Plugin Views Data as Map Overlays Use views to display maps in the same places you would normally like pages and blocks. View
Plugin Choose Preset in Style Options Map in a
Block Questions? Comments? Maybe Live Demo? Main Developers zzolo: Alan Palazzolo
tmcw: Tom MacWright
phayes: Patrick Hayes Layer Settings Layer Types Attribution Popup Fullscreen Layer Switcher Mouse Position PanZoom Bar Zoom Box Thank You
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