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Interest Meeting


Mike Weiner

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Interest Meeting

#Rethink Greek
Fraternity Ops.
The Colony Operations
President: High Alpha - Colony Management

First Vice President: High Beta - Brotherhood/Committee System

Second Vice President: High Theta - Community Service/Philanthropy

Secretary: High Gamma - Google Drive/Minutes/Reporting

Treasurer: High Tau - Financial Management/Budget/Accounting

Risk Manager: High Iota - Harm Reduction Education
LCA at Buffalo
Building your Brand on Campus
You are a Founding Father of Buffalo Colony:
You are building your own start up. You will set the tone for what this chapter will look like in 100+ Years.

You Lead the Buffalo Community:
We were brought here to destroy an outdated stereotype and to create a community that will make the collegiate experience at UB amazing for future generations of students.
Associate Membership
Fraternity Education
Same Rights as Initiated Brothers of the Organization
The only thing you don't get to see is our Initiation Ritual

Associate Member Ceremony
: Every Sunday Night
6:30 in Student Union Room 210

Fraternity Education
: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service and Stewardship, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage

Initiation Ritual
: Spring Semester TBA
Lambda Chi Alpha
A Lifetime of True Brotherhood
Founded in 1909 at Boston University by Warren A. Cole

195 Chapters and Colonies in USA and Canada

First Fraternity to abolish Pledging in 1972

300,000 Lifetime Brothers of the Fraternity

Partnership with Feeding America

Colony Timeline
Overview of your Journey
Fall 2016: International Headquarters Expansion

Spring 2017: Colony Assumes Control of Operations

Fall 2017: Chartering Petition and First Elections

Spring 2018: Chartering Banquet

Graduation: Lifetime of Brotherhood
Next Steps for Joining Lambda Chi Alpha
What do I do now?
1. For more information visit

2. Talk to the people who matter to you.

3. Attend our Events

4. Set up another time to meet with us and discuss membership.
Benefits of Membership
What will LCA do for you?
Time Management (More Time)
Investment: Sunday Evenings + Whatever You Put In
Return: A Personal Calendar that Reflects your Priorities
Academics, Work, Fitness, Meals, Sleep, Family, Friends, Campus Involvement

Your Educational Leadership Consultants
Mike Weiner
Delta-Omega 185
Nick Gafron
Pi-Zeta 136
Elmhurst College
Fraternity Ops.
The Colony Operations
Alumni Liaison: High Rho - Alumni Recruitment/Engagement

Fraternity Educator: High Kappa - Education/Mentorship

Recruitment Chairman: High Delta - Recruitment Management

Ritualist: High Phi - Ceremonies and Rituals

Educational Chairman: High Sigma - Time Management/Academics

Social Chairman: High Epsilon - Social Programming/Education
Money Management (More Money)
$103 Association Fee
$215 Initiation Fee
Spring Investment: $81 Member Dues + Colony Approved Dues
Return: Financial Advising to Increase Income and Cut Expenses
Relationships (More Connections)
Investment: Becoming a Brother
Return: A Network that will always be there
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