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Donald Sterling

No description

Emma-Lee Buffington

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Donald Sterling

What Happened...?
In April 2014 Donald Sterling was recorded by his girlfriend, V . Stivano while having an argument.

Also Perspective #1
The NBA did not follow everything in accordance with the California Law, which forbids recordings without consent

Perspective # 2
Donald Sterling deserved every bit of punishment
Perspective #1
Donald Sterling should not have lost his ownership based on one recording
Also Perspective #2
The punishment given was a right one, but it doesn't end racism by any means
Donald Sterling
Adam Silver (head of the NBA) forced him to sell the L.A Clippers and was given a lifetime ban from any NBA games and a fine of 2.5 million dollars.
On the recordings were racist comments made by Sterling

The argument was a private conversation and should have remained private.
Dave Chappelle defended Sterling even though he doesn't agree with what he said.
If the NBA can banish someone for racist comments, why are sexual comments don't draw this much attention?
He's been a racist for years and it's about time to stop him.
Even with the punishments and fines he will most likely still be a racist
My Opinion..
I don't think some one should lose their livelihood over a secret recording
What he said was horrible but I could understand if he said what he did because of his jealousy of other men.
He specifically said that she could hang out with any guys other than African Americans and that was wrong
Thank you!
And the loss of the L.A Clippers
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